2014 Wedding Trends




Welcome! We’re so excited to be able to start this blog and the great things With Love Paper Goods has in it’s future.  Of course, we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do – without you! That’s why we’ve chosen to make a little niche, just for you.  Here, we will feature different trends in the wedding and baby world.  Tips from planning to printing are relished and we’re overjoyed to share all we can to make YOUR day bright and blissful.
So let’s start out with some GORGEOUS pictures that are being swept up by storm for 2014 weddings.  We hope you took a look at the picture above.  With great persuasion from the 1920′s, we will start seeing attention to sparkles, rose gold, and art deco fonts.  Um, hello?! How perfect?  Even F. Scott Fitzgerald would have been in heaven in one of these weddings. And some trends are bound to continue from 2013.  Full, beatific bouquets overwhelmed with peonies, ranunculus, roses and succulents. Lace, burlap, kraft paper, and baby’s breath making its way into every wedding decoration possible.  And of course the beautifully rustic cakes – lemon, strawberry, cheesecake – we could go on.

It seems to us that weddings are about combining opposites into something gorgeous.  And when you think of it, it seems to fit so perfectly.  You’ve met the love of your life and there’s a fat chance that you balance each other extremely well.  Sort of like combining shimmering and elegant tablecloths in a barn. Right?

We’re also guessing that bright and bold colors will come to the forefront as themed colors instead of the hush mints and peaches we’ve been used to.  In our opinion, floral and stripes NEVER go out of style, but I bet we will begin to see their appearance on the rise in tablecloths, and dare we say it, bridesmaid dresses.  And our favorite trend, out of all trends comprehensible, is adding super glam to your day with chandeliers.  Outside.  Inside.  In the bathroom.  We don’t care.  They’re fabulous.  Just like you.  And don’t forget that amidst all the choices, trends, and personalities.  It’s your day –  you don’t need to follow every trend to make it just that. It’s a day where your love shines in everything.  And that’s what truly makes it fabulous.

14 Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To


My favorite moment of a wedding is the slight few seconds right before loved ones stand for the bride.  My heart swells with every emotional joy possible.  The bride’s entrance is the first time the groom meets his beloved and I cannot imagine anything more magical than those moments. Can you believe it, I’m tearing up as I write this. But can you blame me? Love is the most beautiful creation we have and how lucky are we that we get to experience every type of love in this life – especially love that holds deepest commitment to one another.

The way your heart feels about the person you hold so dearly is the way your music should feel just by listening to it. And we have picked out a few songs for you to consider. We hope they light your soul and the grandeur and winsomeness inspires you during your planning process. Plus, the simple thought of greeting your true love at the alter to these song may be enough to carry you through.

1.  Postcard from 1952 – Explosions in the Sky
2.  Rest of My Life – Holley Maher - I listen and I feel like the grown up Juno would love her music.
3.  Adagio in D Minor
4.  These Moments – Antoine Dufour
5.  White Dress – Ben Rector 
6.  This Place is a Shelter – Olafur Arnalds
7.  You Heard Me Calling – Soft Pipes
8.  Lover’s Split – Broken Social Scene - The first part of this song is utterly enthralling bring on the slow-motion fans and doves please.
9.  Home - Lights and Motion – LOVE start it at :55 seconds and I feel like I’m in Neverland.
10. The Melody of a Fallen Tree - Windsor for the Derby
11.  Walking with Happiness - The Best Pessimist
12. The Eraser – Thom Yorke - This one is for the eclectic bride.  It is a beautiful song equipped with its own quirks.
13.  Forever Lost - God is an Astronaut
14.  The Light - The Album Leaf

Each of these songs contains the hope and joy the first day of your marriage brings. So go ahead and rock out girl, you know you want to.

Floral Bib Giveaway

floralgiveawayYup.  The picture explains it all.  I’m giving away a floral necklace that I’ve made.  It features two flowers. Conditions: Leave your name AND email address in the comment box.  I will announce the winner on the blog on January 16th!  I will then contact you by e-mail :) Happy New Year!


Oh, Excitement!

bbdblogLife often throws us one curveball after the other.  However, sometimes these curveballs land us the winning home run. With the new year upon us, Tyler and I have chosen that when we become parents – I will hopefully resign as a teacher to be a stay-at-home mom.  This year has given us our share of difficulties and triumphs. But the greatest wisdom we have walked away with is family is first. I cherish the moments I have had with my family as a child and I know Tyler does too. We want to give our children all our parents were able to give us and more.

Upon this decision, of which was honestly hard for me to grasp at first. How can I be successful if I’m only a stay at home mom? - which I think, honestly now Sarah? Why was this even a thought haha. I realized plenty of doors were opening, even if I was eventually shutting my career in education temporarily.

The open door, winning home run, or whatever came in the form of pursuing graphic design. I’ve been able to take some classes online and learn more about Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and I LOVE IT. I’ve always considered my passion to education.  Empowering children to see their potential and then challenging them to push further, but I suppose sometimes we can have more than one passion. While it will be sad to leave our wonderful school in a few years, I am more than ecstatic about being able to focus on being a mom and wife.

In order to have some sort of additional income, I have decided to open up my Etsy store once again.  I do not have very many prints available, but look forward to all this year will bring for my store.  A beautiful part of this life is being able to express yourself and I choose to express myself through Blissfully Buis Designs.  I will be making wedding invitations, shower invitations, and including my favorite quotes and scripture.  It is amazing what God can do for us when we walk by faith and not by sight.

DIY Felt Mistletoe

As promised, here is a quick and easy way to make mistletoe for your home! IMG_6904One piece of felt

Stencil ( I drew mine, but you can find one here)



Embellishments of your choice

Hot glue gun


IMG_6900Step 1: Trace the mistletoe stencil onto the felt.  I made two mistletoe sprigs – which means I needed one big mistletoe sprig and two smaller ones for each.

IMG_6891Step 2: Cut them out, baby.


Step 3: Hot glue all three pieces at the top together.

IMG_6884Step 4: Hot glue embellishments onto your mistletoe.

IMG_6877Step 5: Hang and let the kissing commence!