A beautiful start

ImageTyler and I have recently embarked on the adventure of being new homeowners.  It has been everything we have imagined…and more.  Being second year elementary school teachers AND homeowners has thrown us into the loop of constant work.  But, hey at least it is constant work that we absolutely love.

I remember a time when I thought the only time I would be happy was if I was accomplishing things on Capitol Hill and loudly advocating for children’s rights.  And I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I love our quiet life.  We live in a small neighborhood in Tennessee.  There is nothing grandiose about our lifestyle.  We just work hard every day to make our little corner of the world a better place.

Deciding our elementary school was where we wanted to spend a large portion of our careers (it was always our dream to work in the same school) we moved closer to it.  I cannot describe the pure, euphoric feeling it was to sign our deed and get the keys to the house.  We had been living in a very cute, but very-too-small cabin for a year prior.  It was exciting to be able to start making a real home.  A home our children would cherish as they grew up and a place countless holidays and memories would be spent.

We wanted to dedicate a whole wall to our marriage, adventures, and other things that simply made us happy – including our two wonderful fur babies.  Dierks and Bentley.

ImageYes, they look simply darling here, but I promise they keep us on our toes 24/7.  Anyways, we couldn’t want to start “Buis-ing” up the house.  Did I really just use our last name as a verb? Yes. We have spent the last month “Buis-ing it up.”  The top photos are graphics I made myself to put in frames for our photo wall up the stairs.

ImageThis is our house when we first moved in.  We have been able to slowly get things arranged, changed out, painted, redone, and perfected.  It has been a slow process, but I am so proud of how much we have gotten done in such a short time.  You can imagine how much I will be posting about the different projects we take one – especially with a week long vacation coming up!


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