Dinner time and stuffy noses

There are 1,000,000,000 bacteria in a gram of poop. Fact.  At least thats what the posters in my hallway tell me. I believe it.  Recently Tyler came down with the common cold, which is all too common in an elementary school.  I spent the evening making different snacks and meals for him to pop into the microwave since I had to go to work anyways.  I always feel so bad when he is sick and I am not. Is that weird? Maybe it’s just love, but I would rather be sick than have him sick.

After a VERY long day at school – I swear it’s a full moon or something! I came home to a very delicious home cooked meal.  Now, before you shrug this off, let me explain why this was so amazing.  My husband does not cook.  If my husband cooks it’s along the lines of cheese sandwiches and hot dogs.  But let me tell ya, I came home sweetly surprise by my favorite dish.


I was so completely impressed there were not enough kisses to show it.


To say it short, I am a lucky one.


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