One home to rule them all


Is this home?

After living in seven cities, eleven houses, six states, and two countries (I can count two months in England living there, right? – probably not, but it makes me sound so much more cultured than my village upbringing) it is so nice to have a place to call my own, our own. My mother was very transient growing up, but insisted my brother and I grew up in the same town as soon as we started our education.  That is something to be thankful for.  I graduated with thirty-four students who I had known since I was five years-old. I’m sure you can imagine the memories we shared.  But, I’m sure you can imagine the need to find my own, a place to grow without the notions of what I was like when I was five.  And so began my real expedition: college.  The pinnacle of my college career wasn’t filling the fountains with detergent, trying to make my way through a military class (really, WHAT was I thinking), or sending an e-mail to our president that had a rather unfortunate end.  Nope.  It was meeting my friends. One of which became my best friend, my all time favorite person, and now my husband. Our relationship went a little warp-speed, but that’s how you know its real…right?

Fast forward three years, four majorly different hair cuts, a few arguments, and whole lotta love, we became homeowners.  Since next week marks our school’s fall break, a time cherished by teachers, we ventured out into our brand new city.  The downtown area is cute and quaint with lots of small shops, a farmer’s market, and some beautiful old(er) buildings.


We even drove past this baby. The OLDEST bank in Tennessee.  I hear people travel from all around the world to visit this historical landmark ;).  We ended our outing by visiting some of the local art and decor shops, which I wish I would have taken pictures of.  However, we did come home to some pretty cute faces.

dierks and bentley collage

To put it mildly, we are very excited to begin forging (I feel my adoration for LOTR just came out) this into our home.  A place for hundreds of birthday parties and holiday dinners.  A treasure box of all the memories to come.


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