A real love story

One of our many goals is to start a memoir of our lives. Our relationship has had its difficulties, but we find ourselves more appreciative and loving because of them. We want our life to be a role model, for our generations to come, of love and endurance it takes to make a marriage successful.  Love isn’t just a spark. It’s the ever-glow of a fire. It’s warmth spreads and it can be seen in the darkest of times.  Here is the beginning…


“Let us all meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” -Mother Teresa.

Before I even know he was to be my husband, I knew in my soul that he was going to be something special to me. It’s amazing to think that a moment in time could change your life adventure.  A blink of an eye, a look in the wrong direction, a word, a breath – that is all our lives are built upon.

When I was a little girl, I knew I would marry a man who I’d met while doing something I love. Call it intuition, maybe it was God’s quiet voice leading me to my future, but it was something that was always rooted in my heart.  Without a doubt, I knew my forever was someone who’d share my life’s passion. And I met him in that math class, teaching lessons to a fifth grade class. I looked up and caught his eye, I couldn’t think of doing anything else but smiling, so I did just that. Smiles hold so much joy and love in them. Amazing, isn’t it? That muscles forming into an upward shape could lead to such wonder. I thank God every day for that glance, for the chance to give someone a moment of my happiness and love.


It took a few days, and I had honestly forgot about sharing that small soon-to-be blissful moment, but that man became a quick friend.  Without knowing him for more than one hundred hours, I felt like I could bare my soul to him as if he had been my closest friend for one hundred years.

He wasted no time letting me know his feelings for me.  I didn’t know it until quite some time later, but he told his friends he knew he was going to marry me seven days after that smile. I guess I knew it too. We spent some time together.  It was the first time I felt like I could be myself around a man. With any other man, I was seized by the idea of trying to be the woman he wanted to love, instead of becoming the woman I was born to be because of his love.

The exact moment I knew I loved him is blurry, but the first time I remember knowing we were eternal was before we were even together.  He invited me a friend’s wedding. We had planned what we were going to wear to a few weeks, pretending like we were sixteen year olds attending our first prom.  I arrived at his house to meet his best friend and his best friend’s wife. As we drove to the wedding, I saw a side of him I had never noticed before.  I noticed how quirky he was as he talked to his best friend. I noticed the long dimple on his cheek that he only gets when he is truly happy.  I noticed how carefully he drove and how he knew the lyrics to every song that played over the radio. I noticed that he had been the man I had dreamed of meeting since I was a little girl. Did you ever do that? Just wonder what your future husband was doing right at that moment. Just wonder if he was wondering about you, what you were doing, or where you were? Only this time, I didn’t have to wonder in that winsome happening.


One of the happiest times of my life happens to be that night.  After the wedding, we took a walk in the park under the falling snow. Being with an almost stranger had never been so easy.  We laughed and talked. Talked for hours in that little Sunfire he had parked right outside his house. There were no expectations, just honesty.  We learned of past relationships, false loves, and future hopes. We even joked about eloping to Paris one day. However, the quick reality of exams not studied for tugged at our minds as time lingered. My presence strongly begged for a goodbye kiss, but I left with a delicate kiss on top my and my heart feeling so full.

We spent all of our winter break talking. I’m sure we had to have a satellite reserved just for our correspondence over those three weeks. And by three weeks, I mean three thousand years. Time moved as slowly as a grandmother in molasses. I don’t know what that means, but I bet it would be slow. He stayed with me the whole weekend as soon as we were in the same state

We shared more love in two days than most people share in the entirety of their lives. The comfort of being with someone who brings nothing but peace, compassion, and forgiveness to your life is gorgeously inexpressible. We shared our first kiss while watching Beauty and the Beast, like two little children destined to be connected forever.  That weekend was full of memories we will forevermore tease each other about.


I’ve always had a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father. I’ve known myself as an heir to his love, mercy, grace, and kingdom, knowing that I could conquer any mountain or impossible feat with his voice to guide me. I would never have imagined that loving someone with my whole heart would bring me closer to the Lord. I quickly forgot all of my past mistakes and misfortunes. Loving someone made me realize, if not only an inch, how much God loves and cherishes us.

Within one month after our winter respite, marriage plans quickly began to unfold. His devoted words were honey to my spirit. Never had I been told how beautiful or amazing I was. We woke up in the still of the night to remind the other of our feelings. My heart had a song.  He constantly made me aware that he was becoming a better man everyday he had with me. Each day with him made me feel anew. This love was incomprehensibly deep with no limits to stop it from growing.


As our lives intertwined, so did our future plans. There was not a day for two years that he didn’t ask me to marry him.  And there was not a day for two years that I said no.



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