These last few days we have accomplished so much in our home.  I keep looking around feeling like I haven’t done much, but then I take a gander at my computer and see how much organization and planning we have accomplished.  We finished our household binder today.  Not much else was added to it, but we did find some solid resources to use while researching.  For one, www.moneysavingmom.com is ah-mazing.  Amazing times 349,902.  Brainstorming what we need to put into our binder, making it, and then formatting it proved to be more time consuming than I was originally hoping.  Was it worth it? Yes, because it will last us for years to come. MSM, however, has customizable printables you can use to make your own binder.  So forget having to figure out how to group and arrange things in a powerpoint document, she has it ALL done for you! Thank you Money Saving Mom! Here are some other resources (click them, please!) we ended up drawing upon for some inspiration:

householdbinderprintables HouseholdFamilyBinderPart1 Household-Binder.v.w

Aren’t they beuts? So without further ado, here is our binder.  It’s simple, but effective.  Inside the binder you will find our mission statement.  This year we are B-I-G into getting clear and concerned about our goals, who we are as a couple, and what is important to us. Franklin Covey has their own mission statement builder to help you along with creating your own.  They even provide bits and bobs of inspiration while you’re answering the questions.  We really loved how ours turned out, so we tweaked it a little and gave it the big ole’ Buis seal of approval.  Next, you’ll find the table of contents.  To be honest, I only added the table of contents because we’re composing lessons with more informational texts and I would have felt so wrong. SO WRONG, friends. not including it. As you flip through some more of the pages, you will notice that on some of our “title pages” there are no text behind them – that’s because we plan on having an empty page protector where we can put the information into it, like our coupons and ads. For the calendar section, we printed ours off at www.filthymuggle.com.  They will also be in a page protector so we can use erasable markers on them.

Buis Household Binder

Since we are in the beginning stages of getting organized, I feel like our binder isn’t as thorough as it needs to be, yet. I’m not going to be shy, but we haven’t entirely figured out everything we’ve gotten ourselves into with being homeowners.  We are still fixing and changing our budget to accommodate different bills.  We are still learning the best places to shop for what deals and what chores need to be done and when.  We will soon get into a routine, but for now we have left plenty of room for improvement.  Like I promised, if you want to download your own binder (change, alter, delete whatever you want), you can do so here.

And please, if you have any suggestions, let us know! More minds are better than two 😉


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