Loving Now



Fall break has not only provided an essential respite to gather ourselves and spend time together, but I’ve been able to explore some new beauty products! One of the things on our 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days list is to take better care of ourselves (i.e. eating choices, exercise, and body/beauty health).  I’m on the search for the best beauty products, foods, and what have you to give us the healthiest lifestyle.  The search has begun and I’ve already found some real gems. Here are some of the many things I’m loving now.

1.  Gratitude Journal – We found this delight on amazon.com. I’ve already written a few small entries and it’s been great to reflect on the day and pull out the best parts. On those days where I feel like I can’t be thankful for anything (and boy, do I have those days), I can merely pull out our little journal and remember all we have been blessed with.

2.  Forever Flawless Face Mask – My mother raved about this product since her trip to Las Vegas! When Tyler and I travelled to Ohio for our anniversary party, she happily gave me a quick tutorial and review and then promptly picked up her extra face mask and stuck it in my suitcase.  It is wonderfully crafted and makes my skin feel so smooth.

3.  Colossal Maybelline Regard Feline Mascara – The leopard print immediately caught my eye while I was navigating through Walmart’s beauty section.  I am so thankful it did; it perfectly matches the cat eye liner I’ve been sporting.

4 & 5 & 6 – Basis Face Wash, St. Ives Scrub, and Dead Sea Body Wash – My skin has been given the red carpet treatment this week.  As simple as these products are, my face can break out so easily due to perfumes, simple is exactly what I’ve needed.

7.  Fit Me Shine Free Foundation – I realized how pale I was when I purchased this foundation! I had to scrounge around the makeup aisle to find the last 110 porcelain shade.  Either they don’t stock this shade because no one looks like a ghost, or there are much more pale people in the world than I have noticed. No matter the reasoning, I was very happy to find it.  It leaves a powder, matte finish even though it applies like a cream. You’ll be seeing this product more 😉

8.  Yogi Positive Energy Tea – I drink about four cups daily and.I.HATE.tea.  Absolutely despise it, but for some reason, I cannot get enough of this sweet tangerine tea. I use about a teaspoon of blue agave to sweeten it and without delay, I drink it right down.  I’ve also noticed some weight loss, bonus? I think yes.

9.  Biore Strips & Bouncy Blush – There are not words to describe either one of these products.  I have used Biore strips ever since I started first putting makeup on, probably around the sweet age of thirteen. The Bouncy Blush will have its own post soon, because it was just that good.

10.  St. Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizer – Oh heaven on earth on my face.  If lavender was a boy….and I wasn’t married, I would have been swept off my feet and waiting at the alter for it.  My morning and nightly routines are something to look forward to because I know I’ll get to use it.  It leaves my face feeling anything but dry or greasy and my makeup goes on so smoothly AND stays because of it. Two thumbs way, way up.




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