Mason Jar Snacks

IMG_4952You know the feeling when you look at your best friend and they know exactly what you are thinking? You walk out of whatever awkward situation you were in and exclaim “OH MY GOODNESS! I KNEW YOU WERE THINKING THAT.”  That is exactly how I feel about Tyler, even though I am usually the one who gets caught up in the awkward moment.  I swear he knows how I will respond to any situation before I know.  Our ingenious plans usually come together without more than a few words, because we just know.

These Mason Jar Snacks are a prime example.  As I have said before, we have been yearning to develop a healthier lifestyle.  So when we are sitting on our porch, in our rocking chairs, at a whopping 127 years-old, we are still moving like we are 22.  We came up with the plan to make a snack for each day, put it into some sort of container – so we can limit what types of food we are eating. Brilliant?  Only we wanted to start this idea ASAP, and we had no containers! NONE!

Tyler remembered that we had some mason jars sitting in our garage from, you guessed it, when we got married.  We ran off to Aldis, Kroger, and Wal-Mart to grab the snacks we wanted and start rationing them out. Tyler’s mainly contain nuts, cereal, chips, and raisins.  I used mine to put veggies to dip in hummus. Ooooo, how good does organization feel?IMG_4953


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