Review: Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick

IMG_4915Growing up with finicky skin has left me feeling blue when it comes to finding the right concealers and foundations.  Often times I discover they are too heavy or leave my skin dry. Hello, makeup companies! Your products are supposed to be hiding my flaws, not making more of them.  I have bounced around between Rimmel, Covergirl, L’Oreal, and Maybelline when it comes to cover-ups looking for one that makes my skin say “ahhh, there you are my sweatpea, please lets never part ways!”

When I first tried Covergirl’s Whipped Creme in 305 (about $7.00 at Walmart), I was astonished at the clean, almost airbrushed quality it gave my skin.  Oh those big pores and bags floated away, but I still looked natural.  That’s very important to me. A natural look.  Needless to say, it has become a staple in my routine, usually worn over it’s sister CG Smoother BB Cream with a dusting of Physician’s Formula powder.

Wanting to broaden my foundation horizons, I started researching foundations that blend to your skin tone.  I want to look like a better me when I apply makeup, not a Barbie.  Fit Me Foundation was the first hit I got when I searched “no oil foundation, blends, natural, matte.”  Excited to have potentially found something that met EVERY requirement I have of my foundation, I wrote it down on my beauty shopping list to pick up.

Fit Me Foundation is unique all around. It comes in a small tube that reminds me of those chunky glittersticks we all had in middle school.  Yes, when we would apply just a dab of glitter under our eyes right onto our cheeks, I have no clue what we were trying to accomplish here or why in the world was this a brilliant idea to all of us? My mother, a quirky woman like me, let me beat to the sound of my own drum and I did try every trend, classic or not.  Experiencing makeup faux-pas has lead to me to establishing a more….simple and natural style, with a pop of bright color.  The gel-stick has a lightweight outside with a powder core finish.  The purpose is to apply color while clearing away any excess oils, leaving your skin with a perfect matte finish.

At first, the foundation didn’t live up to all I dreamed it would be.  It went on way too heavy, leaving my face feeling dry and cakey.  My pores seemed more prominent and I didn’t get the coverage I needed in the places I wanted it.  However, I finished up applying my face powder, eyeliner, and mascara keeping my foundation on, hoping something magical would take a turn for the better.  And voila!  After I had finished my routine, my foundation looked flawless, lightweight, and matte – perfectly blended. The redness that frequently occurs in my face around my nose and eyebrows was a dreamy type of skin tone and I no longer felt cakey.  Fit Me Foundation stick is the first go for Maybelline at a Gel Stick Foundation with an Anti-Powder Core; I think they have a great start on a new, unique product, but I do hope they tweak the formula a little bit for more, instant coverage.

IMG_4938Other reviews have stated after multiple uses, their skin began to breakout, but they enjoyed how well it blended into their skin and decreased and controlled oil.  Am I in love with it? It definitely didn’t sweep me off my feet like CG Whipped Creme, but I’m willing to go on a second date.


10 thoughts on “Review: Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick

  1. I have been loving this foundation. I use a primer first and then blend the foundation out with a stippling brush. I’ve been using it for months and haven’t had any blemish problems.


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