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IMG_5023When it comes to trendy clothes for cheap, I always feel like the U.S. is on the downside.  During my time in England, I frequented a store called Primark. It was the holy grail of fashionable shopping – great prices, amazing styles, and they were HUUUUUUGE! It’s honestly one of the things I miss the most, but my wallet sure doesn’t.  I, honestly, had to buy another suitcase to fit all the clothes I bought while I was there.  Of course I bought the suitcase from….Primark! Oh, it’s my Achilles’ heel.  Imagine Forever21…but better.

Always looking for a good deal since we operate on teacher salaries, I stumbled across http://www.dresslink.com, a wholesale Chinese website.  I purchased a few small items the first time, just to ensure it wasn’t a hoax.  I mean, come on, dresses for $5.00 surely there is a catch.  When I received my purchase, I was greeted by cute Asian packaging and some very cute clothing to go along with it.  To say things quickly, you get what you pay for.  The quality isn’t amazing, but for the price and style it’s hard to beat.

Since we moved, we’ve been going through our stuff trying to slim down on some household items, and bulk up with others.  Which means, drum roll please, I went through my closet and got rid of, oh, probably half of it.  I’ve lost a bit of weight since we’ve been married and hadn’t fully nixed the clothes that no longer fit.  Excitedly, I went onto search for some items my closet was lacking – sweaters, tights, a few more dresses, and whatever else my heart desired, I suppose. I ended up spending close to $150.00 (yikes!) on everything, but in my defense, that also included shipping.IMG_5038


The first thing I pulled out were the skirts I purchased.  I bought two different kinds of maxi skirts, a red pencil skirt, and two chiffon circle skirts.  They all fit beautifully! One thing you must watch when you are ordering from Asian sites is the sizing.  Asians seem to have naturally smaller bone structures than the average American.  I remember looking at some of my friends from South Korea and Taiwan and wondering “how!” We are the same height AND weight, but I have to wear a size 4, and I’m pretty sure your size doesn’t exist, skinny mini!  Dresslink does provide the measurements for all of their clothing as well as how they transfer into American sizes, so make sure you have your measuring tape handy, just to be sure.IMG_5012

Then came the sweaters, in perfect timing for the chilly, southern weather we’ve been having.  Seriously, Tennessee? Why do you have to be playing me like this – 40 in the morning, 90 by recess time.  The minty green cardi with the hearts is actually from H&M?! At least that’s how it was labeled. It also said it was about $40.00 originally, one point for Gryffindor!  There are no flaws in the sweaters and all were made well enough.  I loved the mustard yellow one, and in fact bought an ivory one as well and wore it get my TN license!

IMG_5014Also on the menu are these two necklaces.  Sweet, light, and feminine. I absolutely adore them! Especially since they only cost about $3.00 each instead of $15.00 at any local boutique.  I wear them under collared shirts tucked into a skirt.  IMG_5020IMG_5018I was pretty nervous to order shoes from the site, but was pleasantly surprised by well-made shoes for a well-manageable price.  The flats have a sparkly lace pattern, which matches about anything in my closet.  I feel like black flats are a must-have in any teacher’s wardrobe, and mine we becoming….to put it nicely….they needed to be thrown away.  I had traipsed and taught my sole out in them (get it?! ha!).  The boots have to be one of my favorite pairs of shoes I have ever owned.  They have a nice heel on them and look cute with jeans and dresses.IMG_5009IMG_5008

Then I came across the scarves I bought.  I paid about $2.00 for each scarf and was a bit sad when I noticed the yellow one had a strange pink stain on it.  It looks like someone didn’t like their cranberry lipstick and decided to take it off on my scarf, but for two dollars, I don’t mind.  It easily is hidden when I wrap it around my neck!

I’m not going to lie, I ended up getting really impatient with taking pictures so I didn’t take any of the dresses I bought.  I’m just telling myself I’ll do some outfit posts to show off how cute they are. Overall, I was very happy with my purchases.  I probably won’t purchase much more from Dresslink, unless I see something I MUST have.  We have a local Goodwill and some other stores that have enough good sales and coupons, I can get clothing for almost the same price.


4 thoughts on “Dresslink Haul

    • I paid around 30.00 for shipping – which I didn’t find too pricey since I had bought so much! Shipping changes every day and they offer a 3% discount if you are a new member 🙂

  1. so overall it’s great? because i was wondering should i buy stuff from there or not. they look so adorable, and the prices, you can tell.

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