What a Lovely Day

It’s hard to believe I’m title-ing this post “lovely” when really I’m writing about the last day of fall break.  We’ve been very blessed this week to meet the world’s most help people. EVER.  We offered up the plants in our yard since we are wanting to do some landscaping this summer, and we had at least three different families/people come over and take all the plants we didn’t want.  I know the plants were free, they had to do the labor, but they were oh-so-careful at making sure the yard still looked presentable.  Deciding to take a break from working around the house, we took a little trip on the town.IMG_5089We started off our day going to a local warehouse/thrift/flea market store thing called Miss Lucille’s.  I LOVE this place. When we first moved into town, we were there almost everyday, and I was completely okay with that.  We even bought some furniture that was too big to fit into our Cruze, so they let us borrow their moving truck.  I think I was more excited about it than Tyler was, but those are the memories worth telling our children.  When we stumbled upon this booth, I could help but smile.  It was so bright and happy.  Those little mushroom canisters reminded me a little of Alice in Wonderland. Whimsical.

There happens to be this magical store called Ross.  It’s pretty much like TJ Maxx, which just so happens to be down the street from Ross.  Here we found these cute little birdies, which I got way to attached to in the few seconds I saw them.  I also may or may not have put them on one shelf so they wouldn’t get lonely…

IMG_5084 IMG_5085IMG_5086Our budget now mainly allows for the words “some day” and stashing whatever pennies we have in a large glass jar, which is fine by us.  It’s an exciting time to know we are building a home our children will be proud to remember.  Every present moment we have is a memory we will be able to tell them.  We might not have the best clothes and ramen might be on the menu for the next few months, but we have something that is ours. A home we can put ourselves in to – every scratch, paint color, whoops, and aha.  It’s nice to be able to step back at something and know that it was God’s increase and our hard work.

IMG_5081 While it wasn’t an adventurous day, it seems like a great way to end fall break.  Together.


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