Review: St. Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizer

IMG_4923I swiped this baby up in three seconds as soon as I saw the packaging, only to get home and realize I was utterly mistaken.  I had been looking for a calming, sensitive moisturizer since we’ve dived fully into autumnal weather and my skin is always depleted of  moisture and softness during this time.  I tend to gravitate towards anything with a hint of lavender and automatically assumed the purple and green label meant lavender ha!  I only spent $5.00 on it, not a fortune by any means, but I hate tossing aside a perfectly good product just because it wasn’t what I thought it was.  So I gave it a try.

St. Ives Timeless Skin uses safflower seed oil as it’s “hook” product to lure you in.  For those of you who might not know, safflower seed oil contains essential fatty acids to not only deeply clean our skin, but to give us that oh-so desired glowing look.  It is also supposed to help your skin maintain its elasticity and integrity so often found in youth.  I first perceived this product as something I wouldn’t buy until our children were in college, but the more I thought about it, why not start protecting my skin from wrinkles now?  I’ve always told Tyler when we grow old, I want a lot of wrinkles, to show I REALLY lived my life.  But there is a difference between a life well-lived and not taking care of yourself;).  So even though I’m using a moisturizer to help with wrinkles, I’m ready to sport my well-earned wrinkles when the time comes.

Typically I use this product after I have washed my face.  I take off my makeup with sensitive facial wipes from Johnson & Johnson, essentially so the first layer of makeup, grime, and whatever else I might have accumulated is eliminated .  Then, I gather a dime size of Basis Cleaner Clean (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff), rub my hands together until it becomes frothy, and wash away any other makeup or dirt. I have found using cold water at night not only tightens my pores, but it refreshes my spirit.

IMG_4924 As a teacher, there are days where I could easily snooze at 6:00 PM and not be ready to wake up for the next twelve hours.  When I get home, I want to take off the wear of that day and renew myself. I love my children; I love seeing the spark when they are applying concepts and teaching  their peers, but teaching is certainly a ministry.  You give of yourself everyday, with no anticipation there will be kindness returned (even though it is)! That’s why I’m such an advocate of taking care of yourself after the work day.  Your body needs to feel loved, because that love sinks into your soul and your mindset for the next day.  So get on it, dear readers! Wash those faces with cold water so you can love more;).

After I’ve cleaned my face and its feeling lavish, I massage St. Ives Timeless Skin into my hands, take a little bit more and massage it into my face, neck, and chest.  Sometimes I don’t stop at the chest and just keep going, crazy! I love the simplicity St. Ives affords, while going above and beyond what I think it would accomplish.  Every morning my face is a little bit smoother and softer.  The moisture St. Ives allots is enough for me for the whole day, which is saying a lot since I brave recess outside and the strange cold/hot conditions the South provides.  My face never feels greasy or heavy like I’ve experienced with other moisturizers, which is also a big bonus. And just look at how full my container still is, just like a Mary Poppin’s bag.

IMG_4900If you are looking for an affordable way to care for your skin and provide it with what it needs most during this cold weather, I would highly suggest St. Ives.  If you are looking for something to increase your skins elasticity and provide necessary hydration, give it a go.  However, I would lean towards the side of caution when using this product, only because it does contain Safflower Seed Oil.  We have to remember that we are each a unique masterpiece, and certain oils may not work with our body chemistry.  When it comes down to it, you have to find what is best for you, but I believe St. Ives is a great place to start.


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