Loving Now: Nostalgia

Mother Nature was onto something good when autumn happened.  The crispness of the weather makes me want to do nothing more than snuggle into my husband with our two dogs and perhaps a good book and cup of tea.  It’s also my favorite time to just rove around thankfully.  Which is exactly what I did the moment I got home.IMG_51421.  Fall Break Gifts -Fall break just ended, but with it came a lot of rest and renewal for the next nine weeks.  I received this little pin from one of my babies.  She is an absolutely adorable little girl who has the brightest light shining within her.  I promise you she will do something amazing for people one day.  I believe this about all of my children, but her special quality is definitely her love.  I asked her what was in the paper bag when she handed it to me, and she kind of chuckled at me and said “Oh, Mrs. Buis, just open and you will find out.” I gleamed when I pulled out this cute little New York pin.  My husband and I collect pins from wherever we go (more my husband than I, since he’s been doing it since he was a young boy).  I told her how he would absolutely love it as well, since he collects them.  What a sweet gesture.  It’s those small things that happen during the day that make life big.


2.  Thrifted Gifted Goodness – Christmas.  I.LOVE.CHRISTMAS.  My friends from college can attest to my slight obsession with this holiday.  And also with the movie Mulan.  There isn’t more than I love than Christmas, but a few things come awfully close.  Goodwill would be one of those things.  So when I find Christmas deliciousness AT Goodwill, my mind does a little dance.  I was blastedly excited to stumble upon these cute Christmas decorations. Wreaths are a current weakness and who doesn’t love those sweet little pepper berries?

IMG_51333.  Asiago Pizza – For supper tonight we tried Asiago pizza.  I love the deep hues of tomato sauce in the colder weather.  Is that weird? Spices and herbs just seem more comforting during this time.

IMG_51244.  Honeycrisp Apples – AKA Food from heaven.  You will not find a crispier, sweeter, crunchier apple than this one.  I dare you to try.

IMG_51215.  Happy Tea Mugs – What more would you want from a seraphic tea, than a seraphic mug?  I fancy floral, and this cute little design has not disappointed in carrying my beverage of choice. Yogi’s Positive Energy Tea.

jkhjgfyhkljjkl copy6.  MPR – Ever since my time in England, I have been trying to find a store like Primark.  Well, hello MPR! Its a South African company and they ship to the USA for $10.00. Ahhh, life.

IMG_51127.  Marriage – There isn’t a more exceptional bond than marriage.  Every day I’m blessed with knowing someone will love me unconditionally.  Not only that, but that this person is so multifaceted, he isn’t only my husband, but one million other things. All for me. I don’t know of a better way to feel special.  Oh, and by the way – P.S. I Love You is one of my favorite movies (peculiar since I really love fantasy/thrillers).  This book was the first thing Tyler bought for me, and I haven’t even finished it because I always end up bawling.  Hey! It’s hard to read through puffy, watery eyes.


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