Strawberry Splash Smoothie

IMG_5210Smoothies have quickly become a breakfast staple in our home.  Not only are they quick and refreshing – but they are awfully tasty!  We mainly use bananas and orange juice as our smoothie “base” and then add whatever fruit or veggies we have on hand.  I find myself feeling fuller, with more energy when I sneak one of these into my day.  Here is the Buis household’s favorite smoothie:

2 bananas

1 cup  strawberries

1 cup orange juice

A splash of lemon juice

A handful of carrots

1 tablespoon chia seeds

IMG_5227Combine all ingredients into the blender.  I like to put the fruit and veggies in and then the juice -just to make sure there is enough to make the smoothie thick enough without becoming difficult to puree.  Blend on the puree setting for about one minute, check to make sure there are no lumps, if there are continue to blend until smooth.  IMG_5214I have become an avid believer in the chia seed, since it is so high in protein.  We eat them on salads and in yogurt, but I prefer them in smoothies.  They are such a peculiar food item, as they become “chewy” and develop a bubble film around them – so strange!  It is reminiscent of the bubble tea my friends and I used to buy from Chinatown.  Mmmmm love it.

Pair up your smoothie with some scrambled eggs, some banana bread, and a good (recipe) book. Enjoy!


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