Ulta Field Trip

Today was my first excursion into the beauty store, Ulta.  A coworker posted about it and a close friend told  me how much she adored the place, so I decided to venture out with my friend, Brooke, to see what the hype was about.  We were greeted by very friendly staff and a clean, happy atmosphere.  I imagine what Advanced Auto Parts is to men is what Ulta is to women.  Name the craziest beauty supply you can think of, and I’m sure they have it – or at least an amazing alternative.  While some of the prices were a little steep, as I have seen drugstores and online stores sell the same products for less, they do offer a rewards program and their own products seemed very reasonable.  Walking around, I saw they had plenty of deals, which made the products they carried cheaper – but you have to wait for their deals.

I gave myself a $10.00 spending limit and only surpassed it by $1.83 – hmm proud moment.  Maybe I’ve finally reached adulthood.  I gave myself a limit since I have many beauty products already that I would like to post about and use I figured it was practical (a word I don’t often associate with) to only add a few new products until I can wrangle up and use the products I have (I am writing this as I have 57.00 in my shopping cart at http://www.eyeslipsface.com – my birthday is coming up in a month though 😉 ). Whoopsies, babe.

Here are the new additions:

IMG_5261Nivea Lip Butters – These were on sale buy 1 ($2.99) get 1 50% off.  I have heard rave reviews about these lip butters and loved the sample I tried.  They had three flavors to choose from Raspberry Rose Kiss, Caramel Cream Kiss, and Vanilla Macadamia Kiss.  They come in small, light tins that are too cute to handle.

NYX Mood Lip Gloss – Brooke found these while we were looking at some L’Oreal Products.  How nifty?! The inner seven year-old within me is pumped about anything color-shifting….or light-up.  The product applies clear and within five seconds changes into the best shade to fit you.  I am so excited to blog about this later on!  I’m sure its the best thing since sliced bread.

IMG_5240Fructis Style Hi-Rise Lift – Living in the South makes me conscience that my hair isn’t BIG enough.  Okay, not really, but seriously.  I love having huge hair and bought Hi-Rise Lift to see if it’s bringing me as close to heaven as I want it to.

*Although these items are not from our Ulta trip, I wanted to share pictures to show what products to be on the look out for in the upcoming months. For your viewing pleasure:

IMG_5250 IMG_5252Fancy things coming up! If you have any suggestions about different beauty products or would like to share your experience with them, please do!


6 thoughts on “Ulta Field Trip

  1. I’m so happy for you that you discovered the joys of Ulta, and I am so sorry for your wallet that you discovered the joys of ulta. Self control is a must! I started going with only cash and leaving my cards at home so I couldn’t spend more than what was in my pocket!


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