All Things Bright, Beautiful, and BERRY

IMG_5299Berry is the best way to celebrate autumn.  Berry smoothies, berry polish, berry lips! Berry everywhere.  The deeper we get into the colder the weather, more I’m craving darker lips with and a snowy, matte complexion.  And good thing, because dark berry lips are making comeback this fall season.


Burgundy, oxblood, and berry lips are multifaceted colors that provide so many different looks! From grunge to classy, to bold and trendy – makeup companies and runways alike are confirming deep reds/purples are here to stay.   These are a few of my favorite very berry lip products! By the way, these lip pictures are so strange haha!

IMG_5297NYX Mood Gloss in Sensual ($2.50)- This deep mulberry/plum shade appears clean and then BLACK (which completely freaked me out) until you massage it into your lips.  Its a gorgeous shade and works with your personal chemistry to give you the best shade possible for you! It’s a hoot to apply, not to mention when the glossy look has worn off, there is still a suggestion of color.  Perfect.  The gloss isn’t overwhelming, but beware – the more you apply the deeper the color and the glossier it looks.


IMG_5330NYC Lip Stain in Berry Long Time ($5.00) – Ever wondered what it would be like to take a marker to your lips? If you have bought lip stain, you know exactly what it feels like.  NYC lip stain’s come in a marker form including a marker tip applicator.  This was the first berry lip product I bought, and I’ve loved it.  The packaging says its “smooch proof” and lasts for 16 hours.  I agree with being smooch proof (I had Tyler test it – so men you can kiss your special someone without the annoyance of looking like a clown afterwards), but 16 hours is an exaggeration.  Maybe more like 3.  The stain leaves a matte finish and I found that wearing chapstick over the stain helped keep the color.  Lip stains are quickly becoming some of my favorite beauty investments.

IMG_5295CoverGirl LipSlick in Cute – I LOVE these.  It’s a perfect combination of sheer lipstick and gloss.  Providing much need hydration, but not lacking pigmentation CoverGirl nailed it with this product. Seriously.  Can we please give CoverGirl a huge round of applause?  I love the color it gives my lip with a hint of sheen.  I’ll let you in on a secret, I don’t really like gloss.  And I mean gloss on anything.  Glossy photos, glossy kitchen counters, and especially glossy lips.  This gives your lips a full, plump look of color and with a smidge of shine.  I have to apply this every few hours to keep my lips hydrated and maintain color, but with an amazing scent – its hard to reach for this every few hours anyways.





IMG_5299Donna Michelle Plum Scented Gloss ($1.00) – I picked this up at Dollar Tree mainly out of curiosity.  I’m always looking for a bargain and figured if it didn’t work out the way I wanted to, I wasn’t losing much.  The gloss goes on VERY, VERY sheer.  In fact, the first time I put it on there was no color change! I am wearing it over Berry Long Time Stain so you can see the glossiness it does provide.  It also smells fantastic.  If you’re looking for a simple gloss this is a good purchase.  Personally, I probably won’t buy it again since it doesn’t provide much more than gloss.  It was a good try!





IMG_5279Nivea Raspberry Rose Kiss Lip Butter – A nourishing product, not known for its color but amazing ingredients (almond oil and shea butter) to help keeps lips hydrated and healthy.  The moment you open your tin up, you will smell the rich flavor and the see the subtle tint to match.  Don’t be fooled though, the lip butter applies very clear and is perfect over OR under lipstick or stain.  Lip butters are meant to rich and Nivea didn’t disappoint there.  My lips have been baby soft, which allows me to apply lip products easier and without hesitation of (possible) negative affects.  Petroleum jelly is listed as an ingredient, and I know there has been debate about the pros vs. cons.  I personally don’t mind too much, especially when it comes to lip products.

IMG_5304(From the left: Donna Michelle, CoverGirl LipSlick, NYC Stain, NYX Mood Gloss)

Overall I am really pleased with the different pigments and quality of the products.  I will say NYC Lip Stains are by far my favorite because it provides a rich color that lasts.  Typically I don’t indulge in lip products that have color because I don’t have time within the day to apply as necessary, but NYC Lip Stain lasts long enough to reach my breaks.

Oh, and Dierks wanted to say hi 🙂



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