Review: BA STAR Holiday Lip Pencil

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to try out a sample from BA STAR.  Let me tell you a little bit about the company first.  BA STAR develops high-drama makeup used for cheerleaders, dance competitions, and those of us who love to be more than just a wallflower.  A lot of their makeup is created with the intent to last through performances, warm-ups, and routines.  Which may I say is perfect for teachers as well?  I need my makeup to last through conferences, meetings, tantrums, and recess with no need to reapply. I warmly welcomed the BA STAR samples into my makeup drawer.  Not only does BA STAR have makeup, but they also have stickers, duffle bags, and offer team discounts/pricing!

My cheerleading career ended when I graduated high school, a whopping 5 years ago, but once you put on the glitter and pep – you never fully take it off 😉  While I traded my pom poms for chalk,  I still love the ambition and ambiance cheerleading brings, especially their makeup products!  I was captivated by the preppy holiday red lip pencil I received from BA STAR.  I mean come on’ who is not singing ‘Deck The Halls’ right now?

IMG_5550I haven’t used a lip pencil like this one in quite sometime.  Actually, when I think about it, probably not since high school.  I don’t recall why I stopped purchasing them, but my passion has been reignited.  Before I talk about the wonders of this belle, let me simply state I LOVE red lipstick.  I could wear it every second of every day. If I didn’t love planting one on my husband every now and then, I would only be seen in red lipstick.  However, I like to keep my lip color on on my lips and not my husbands – ha!

BA STAR definitely created a gem with this lip pencil.  The color applies with precision like a lip liner, but glides across your lips like a lipstick. Thank goodness for no stickiness.  I did not have to take a q-tip to the rim of my mouth, either, to make sure I wasn’t looking like Bozo. Perfect!  Not only does the product apply well, but it stays.  I first applied the lip pencil in the morning once I had moisturized my lips and was still sporting some holiday spirit into the late afternoon.  It definitely wasn’t the bright, pigmented red like earlier on, but I didn’t feel the need to reapply, it still looked that good.:)

IMG_5466The BA STAR lip pencils come in four classic colors: Holiday Red, Cranberry, Passion Pink, and Bronze. This might seem slightly limited, but they are absolutely gorgeous shades and definitely appeal to those who need long lasting, strong colored makeup.  You can purchase these here.  Make sure you use the code below for 50% off, friends 🙂

discount code: BBLIPS

* this is a sponsored post powered by brandbacker


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