Review: Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter

Tis the season for lavish and lusciousness. Whether its the rich hot chocolate drank by the warm fire or the copious amounts of handmade gifts sitting under the Christmas tree, winter time is quickly approaching and I have open arms. One of my best friends from college, Amy, can tell you that I am more than a winter/Christmas aficionado. More than once was I asked to pipe down “This Christmas” in my dorm room because people were trying to study ha!

Let’s get down to it – Christmas is the bee’s knees for more reasons than Amy and I can explain. Heck, I should probably just devote a whole blog to it. BUT there is another reason I LOVE Christmas – because it is significant to Tyler and I.  It’s around this time, sigh, we fell in love. Our first date was to a wedding on his birthday, and afterwards we went for a walk in the park to see the Christmas lights.  Sadly, it was sooooo late they were all turned off, but I knew in that moment I was going to marry that man.  I had been dying to admire Christmas lights with someone special, and here we were spending that time together on our first date. God’s sense of humor shined through that night.

With winter’s magic comes the desire to just pamper yourself. I mean really!  Just buy that $80.00 deep sea moisturizer and pearl earrings you’ve been dying to have while you are bundled up in a scarf with someone special.  Maybe its all the bows, music, smiles, and beautiful homey fragrances, but I just can’t get enough. Sadly, its also during this time our skin decides to go haywire dry 😦 I had been looking into some different body butters because, trust me, that need for pampering was strong and as the world would have it, had a beautiful Imperial Honey Body Butter just for me to try.

Ooooh baby, honey and butter – two things that are always in a Southern houshold’s pantry. Perlier created this holy grail body butter.  They are a company in Italy that specializes in research-based products and they even own 150 acres of land where they grow their own ingredients free of chemicals. How amazing?! They have a whole line of honey products and once I get through describing their Honey Body Butter – you will want them all!

IMG_5488Perlier is serious business when it comes to making the best products for your skin – and who can blame them?  The simple ivory and gold tub arrived in the mail quickly, and thank goodness because anticipation of packages is killer.  Opening it up, I realized how beautiful and “winter-esque” the packaging was.  Ivory and gold are full of whimsy during this time.

IMG_5509Opening up the tub you are greeted by a thick body butter perfect for hydration during a season of dry and cold.  Not only did the thickness catch my eye, but the scent was a dream.  I mean seriously to die for.  It smelled nourishing, if that even makes sense.  With a hint of honey and what seems to be a lovely reminder of my grandmother’s chocolate fudge, this body butter was a bullseye.

IMG_5470I have been using it every night and morning when I shower to help nourish and replenish my skin after a hot shower. I know, I know, but hot showers feel so good, especially after long days.  My skin wakes up fully hydrated, prepared for a day of chill and I smell like heaven! I am seriously in a wonderful tizzy about this product. Go and buy it now is really what I want to scream at you! It’s perfect.

IMG_5473If you would like to have your own Imperial Honey Body Butter, please go to  It is completely worth it and more! Why not just pamper yourself 😉  Oh, and while you’re at it use the discount code below for $5.00 off your purchase.

discount code: iFabbo5



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