Wishlist 1

Fall Wishlist1.  Mint Strapless Dress – Target $69.99 – I am head over heals about this dress.  Sure it’s not necessarily following “fall/winter” trends, but it is still oh-so-lovely.  It’s made of simple polyester and is perfect for weddings, events, or maybe those times when you just need to traipse around the house feelin’ pretty.

2.  Owl Sweater – Romwe $21.99 – I know foxes are in right now, but I’m still riding out the owl trend as long as possible.  This sweater comes from www.romwe.com (an online street fashion website).  I would pair this up with some warm, black leggings, tall camel riding boats, and my yogi tea.

3.  Apricot Shift Dress – Romwe $53.99 – I’ve always dreamed of the perfect, sparkling dress for New Years or Christmas and I found at Romwe.  I love the flare of the dress which gives a subtle hint of flirtiness, but also the boldness of all the sparkles.  I’m sure it would be perfect to wear during any occasion, it is dazzling. 

4.  Merona Solid Mittens – Target $14.99 – Cable knit is classy, let’s face it.  So when Merona pairs up cable knit, mittens, AND ivory its unbeatable.  Trotting downtown with Tyler while sporting these and a cozy scarf sounds amazing right now. And that’s exactly what I’d be doing with these mittens.

5.  Apricot Flat Shoes – Romwe $36.39 –  I must adore apricot anything, because this is the second apricot item on wishlist 1.  What drew me to these shoes was the delicate, yet intricate details.  They are lady enough to wear with lace, but would hold their own as the center of attention.  I’m sure there are some cheaper versions on forever21, but $36.39 is not a hard price to beat.

6. Heart Bracelet – Unfortunately, this darling is no longer for sale on Romwe, but I think we can still revel in it’s cuteness.  I bet they would especially cut layered with other trinkets and gold chained bracelets.

7.  Fur Trimmed Parka – Romwe $54.14 – It’s amazing how much your style changes.  I remember being a little girl and hating having to wear anything fur trimmed, especially a winter coat.  Now a days, I can’t get enough of it.  I’ve seen quite a few of these on different fashion sites and they’ve even made their ways to local department stores like Walmart and Target! Seems like the perfect winter coat to me.

8.  Studded Cosmetic Bag – Forever21 $9.80 – Talk about personality! I know this is a makeup bag, but there is no doubt in my mind that I would use this as an everyday clutch or purse.  Throw in my phone, a few lip products, and my keys and I’d be ready for the day.  I think it’s the ears that really hit my heart. Quirky and fun without seeming immature – now that’s my style.

9.  Merona Knit Infinity Scarf – Target $20.00 – To be honest, $20.00 is a bit steep for me scarf-wise, in my opinion, but there is nothing stopping me to admire this scarf forever.  It seems so snuggly and warm.  It might not look the best with that parka I picked out, but you bet your bottom dollar it would be perfect with those mittens 😉

So what are your winter wishlists? Any products have you in awe?


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