DIY Felt Flowers

IMG_5773In between raking leaves, drinking coffee with this amazing creamer, and rifling through boxes and putting our junk away, I’ve had the urge to make some garlands and itty bitty crafts for Christmas.  Don’t worry, there are a few Thanksgiving posts coming up, but I was too excited to not post this one!

Felt is a completely versatile material.  I’ve made bows, collars, and little stuffed animals from felt.  Today we’re trying our hand at making felt flowers!  I’m planning on using these as napkin rings, but for now, I’ve attached a pin onto the back of them.  Later I’ll pin them onto the ribbon I tie around the napkin.

The best part of making these is that they are kid friendly and very multifaceted. I’ve seen brides use these in topiaries, garlands, and even as hair accessories.

IMG_5763What you will need:

4 pieces of felt (any color)


A candle or other small circular object to trace


Hot glue gun

Holiday cheer

PicMonkey CollagewhitflowerIn order to make the small, white flowers, you will need to begin tracing the candle with a marker.  I used red because I wanted to keep the color on the outside after I cut it.  It looks very “candy cane-esque.” You will be able to get at least 16 small circles onto one sheet of felt (about 1.5 inches in diameter).


The felt can be purchased at any craft store, I had a surplus leftover from a previous craft project.  I believe I bought this from Wal Mart for $0.25 a sheet.

IMG_5741Next you will begin to hot glue the petals.  Take a circle, keep it flat.  This will be your base.  Begin to fold the circles into fourths and glue at the tip of them.  I liked to fold it in half, glueing in a small dot into the middle, fold again, glue in the middle, and then glue it to the base.  Keep folding until you have 4 petals.  I stopped here and then glued a small pearl taken from an old costume jewelry necklace.  If you want to give your flower a more full, pom-pom effect, keep adding petals!

PicMonkey CollageredflowerThe red ones are a hoot to make! Take your felt and cut it into four pieces.  The purpose of this makes it easier to manipulate the felt while you cut.  Starting with the outside begin to make scallops in a circular patters, making sure that your scallops don’t match up (if each row of scallops is the same as the last, your flower will not have much dimension).

Once you have finished cutting, take our your hot glue gun, roll the middle into itself and glue.  Then you may begin wrapping the rest of the flower around the center.  I like to glue every third wrap, just to make sure the flower doesn’t fall apart.  I also added a pearl to the center of this flower!

IMG_5779On the back, I added a small green, felt leaf for a spring of color.  I also glued a pin onto the back.  This way, when the flowers are not in use as napkin rings, I can put them on the lapel of may jackets or even in my hair!

IMG_5771Such a quick, easy way to liven up anything from a wedding to a small, family dinner!  Happy crafting!


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