Finding the Joy Inside

In our world their are constant distractions calling our name showing us all the ways to be unhappy.  These may come in the form of people speak from selfishness – not realizing their words are stronger than actions.  Or our own thoughts tricking us into believing we don’t have the perfect clothing, hair, or makeup to deserve to be loved. Or dwelling on negatives so much our heart becomes hard and bitter. I’ve succumbed to all three of these more than once. Definitely. But there is always a voice in the back of my head whispering this verse as a reminder:

“The man whose heart is unmoved you will keep in peace, because his hope is in you.”

Isaiah 26:3

My husband is known for his calm demeanor. You know the phrase “be like duck and let it roll off your back?” He’s like that…but better. Crazy better.  In a season of thanks, I’d like to think that’s all I’ve been, but it’s far from the truth.  I’ve been the complete opposite of Tyler. I’ve let external circumstances steal my joy.  I finally asked him why he could let things roll of his back, and he said “I just know I have better things to think about.” And so I’ve decided to make a list.  A list of 5 ways to find our joy and keep it.

1.  Surround yourself with happy people – The best times I’ve had in my life all include the people who love and value me.  Walking out of those homes or gatherings, always left me with a sense of security and purpose.  When we are with people who share the same uplifting spirit we have, it grows.  Joy is contagious.

2. Never give up – People who have joy on the inside don’t crumble when failure presents itself. Failure is just the world’s way of saying we’re closer to our success than before.  As a teacher, negative comments are more common than thought. I’ve learned that if the comment is not constructive, I don’t need to let it weigh on my heart.  I’ve also learned if I want to keep my joy, I have to know I’m not perfect. We will fall and we are faulted, but these moments help us become better if we let them. Remember Fall down seven times, but stand up eight.

3.  Hold onto the good – Joyful people find the beauty in simple pleasures and moments. They share and celebrate their small victories.  When we remember and hold onto all we have been blessed with, we have a greater sense of accomplishment. Who cares if the good is something as small as waking up on time or making your tea perfectly? Enjoy the blessings.

4.  Participate in a jam session – Music is known for reducing anxiety and stress.  Make your own “Walking on Sunshine” playlist and uplift your mood by dancing around the house in just your jammies and trying out your silly dance moves. Here are a few of my favorite songs. (Anything Could Happen, Walk of Life, Two Princes)

5.  Indulge – Get lost in the moments you spend with those people who you love.  Indulge in a special treat for yourself.  Pamper and give to others.  It’s okay to indulge, I promise.


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