What I Have

Reflecting on my life and its wonders has become something I try to do every night before I go to sleep.  Of course, often times I find myself dozing off in my chair while lesson planning and grading – whoopsies.  But those few peaceful moments before my head hits the pillow, I thank God for all He has given me that day. I’m lucky enough to say I’ve found someone who loves me enough to be with me forever, but He has blessed me/us beyond, because we have these three things:

Slide3I have immeasurable joy. Through life’s tumultuous turns and dips, I am thankful for the simple joys.  It’s amazing to me the amount of thought God puts into each of our lives.  When life is a year of fat or a year of thin, God never lets us forget Him.  Joy is the light within my heart.  It is a constant reminder that even times of tribulation and sadness I have the power to delight in Him.

GraceI am flawed and broken, but not unseemly.  For the simple truth that my life is drenched in grace, I am lovable and capable. My faith may falter, but His love never does.

HopeAnd hope. Strength to know my tomorrows are taken care of and my heart is safe. Knowledge to believe in things not happened yet, but wisdom to know they will. Hope is such a small word and carries such a terrific meaning.  It is what makes my tears dry and brings my soul peace. Resting on my Lord and knowing He will provide all things through all weather.  All I feel I can do is praise and give thanks.

At times, it’s easy to feel like there isn’t much that we do have. Money, belongings, friends, whatever it may be, but when I remember all the things God has given me just because I am his daughter my mind is flooded with gratitude and all bitterness is washed away.  Worldly riches may never be mine, but I have something greater.


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