Winter Skin

Simple and crisp are the two words I always associate with winter and it’s also how I like my makeup. I don’t know why it’s taken me twenty-two twenty-three years to realize this, but my face needs moisture. every day. Especially in the nippy months.  Every person’s skin care routine is different, and the only reason I’ve been able to develop mine is by reading other blogs and beauty websites!  It may not be perfect, but my skin has improved drastically since I’ve changed my routine.  So here it goes.

IMG_4900I always wash my face with Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash. I was attracted to the sweet mint packaging at first and then quickly realized how vital this would be to clean my skin.  Its ingredients include lemongrass, mint, and aloe which leave my skin feel invigorated and fresh.

After I wash my face I use Morning Glow Moisturizer by Clean & Clear.  I have always heard sensational things about their face washes and decided to give one of their products a try.  Morning Glow leaves your face with dewey finish – which I love.  It also prepares my face nicely for any powder or foundation I apply afterwards.  I like to leave my moisturizer on for a good five minutes before I apply any other makeup.  Don’t ask me why, I guess I believe it gives it time to “sink in.”  On odd days, I like to change it up and moisturize with this gem here. Both have worked their little magic on hydrating my skin. Props.

IMG_588912 IMG_590312Once my face and washed and moisturized, I apply BB cream.  Either I used “3” or “4” both are my go-to’s. Covergirl CG Smoothers and Prolumina are both great products.  I picked up CG Smoothers at Walmart and Prolumina at Ross.  Both were purchased for the sweet price of $7.00 🙂 BB cream can be a one stop cream for most women.  Not only does it provide additional hydration, but is also made for sun protection, contains anti-aging vitamins, and has tint to help even out skin tone.  Most days I only put Physician’s Formula powder over my BB cream but there are some days where I need more. For those days I use a balance of Fit Me Foundation, Rimmel Concealer, and Clean Whipped Cream. 

What does your winter skin routine consist of? Are there any must-have products?


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