Crown Brush HD Set Review

IMG_6187I’ve been overjoyed at the continual opportunities this blog has given me. One of these delightful opportunities has been the chance to sample Crown Brush’s HD Brush Set. Not knowing too much about HD makeup and all of the implications it may carry, I did a little research before putting these fantastic things to good use.


HD makeup in new in the media game.  Since our television sets, photographs, and other what-nots are giving us more vivid details the need to apply sheer but effective makeup became prominent.  Hence, HD makeup was born. I remember in high school there was always that one girl who was called “cake face”, well HD makeup avoids heavy labels. Providing the coverage needed to be on-screen, but nixing the buildup.


This set of Crown Brushes is vegan friendly and made with high quality synthetic fiber.  Each brush I used had great fullness to it and no shedding. I don’t have much HD makeup, but the brushes do a great job of applying our regular old makeup. My favorite brush was the tapered blush brush, as I was able to get amazing coloration on the apples of my cheeks and blend well.

PicMonkey Collagebrushes

I don’t wear much eye makeup, maybe some simple eye line and mascara, but in order to get use out of the eye makeup brushes – I tried a smokey eye with my new Studio Gear Cosmetic palette. I used two brushes: chisel builder and crease blender. I will admit to being a bit of a klutz when applying eye makeup, but the brushes swept across my eyelid nicely. I was able to get even pigmentation and when I got overzealous with the eyeshadow I found the crease blender to be my lifesaver. 

Overall, the quality was amazing.  The brushes are deliciously fine and soft and make apply makeup a breeze. I can tell they would be great with HD makeup, as the application is light but thorough. If you would like to purchase your own set of Crown HD Brushes you can go here.

Use the code: iFabboHD for 20% your purchase until 12/31/2013

Happy shopping 🙂


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