FDS Portable Cleaning Cloths

IMG_6735While speaking about our periods is usually something saved for Girl’s Nights or complaining, we have to face the facts of how important it is to make sure our body is healthy. And as women, we have been blessed with the monthly notification that indeed our body is healthy…and fertile. P.S. I wish you could see my face write now as I type this, because it’s aca-aca-awkward.  However, I did want to spread the news about these FDS cleaning wipes.


In a day and age, and country where our water closets are not equipped with bidets its important to place a little extra something in our bags for those special days.  I mean come on, your body is preparing for another cycle which means out with the old and in with the new hahaha! These cloths have a fresh, soft smell that help regulate our pH and stop bacteria.


The packaging is discreet and feminine. Which is a must if I am going to be bringing feminine products along in my purse. As proud as I am to be a woman, I definitely don’t need to advertise it! Basically the goal of these wipes is to provide with a little extra something more that typical toilet paper won’t provide.  So as silly as it seems, your body will really thank you. There is only ONE of you and it’s important we take care of ourselves. Every inch.

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