Oh, Excitement!

bbdblogLife often throws us one curveball after the other.  However, sometimes these curveballs land us the winning home run. With the new year upon us, Tyler and I have chosen that when we become parents – I will hopefully resign as a teacher to be a stay-at-home mom.  This year has given us our share of difficulties and triumphs. But the greatest wisdom we have walked away with is family is first. I cherish the moments I have had with my family as a child and I know Tyler does too. We want to give our children all our parents were able to give us and more.

Upon this decision, of which was honestly hard for me to grasp at first. How can I be successful if I’m only a stay at home mom? – which I think, honestly now Sarah? Why was this even a thought haha. I realized plenty of doors were opening, even if I was eventually shutting my career in education temporarily.

The open door, winning home run, or whatever came in the form of pursuing graphic design. I’ve been able to take some classes online and learn more about Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and I LOVE IT. I’ve always considered my passion to education.  Empowering children to see their potential and then challenging them to push further, but I suppose sometimes we can have more than one passion. While it will be sad to leave our wonderful school in a few years, I am more than ecstatic about being able to focus on being a mom and wife.

In order to have some sort of additional income, I have decided to open up my Etsy store once again.  I do not have very many prints available, but look forward to all this year will bring for my store.  A beautiful part of this life is being able to express yourself and I choose to express myself through Blissfully Buis Designs.  I will be making wedding invitations, shower invitations, and including my favorite quotes and scripture.  It is amazing what God can do for us when we walk by faith and not by sight.


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