Shawna and Anthoney Brand Board

Nicholes Full Brand Board

I was tickled pink to create a brand board for Shawna and Anthoney!  A sweet Southern wedding is the only way to describe this blush and gold celebration.  Some of the very gorgeous, very classy details include using an antique dessert table, beautiful willow trees, and Laduree boxes. Shawna and Anthoney – I pray you live the adventure of a life and look forward to each day, walking along side each other.  I look forward to the first day of marriage and wish you all the happiness! Visit for more!

10 Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers

IMG_6793Let’s get down to it. Santa will soon be on his way to fill our stockings, leave gifts, and enjoy our homemade cookies. For those of us who are waiting (im)patiently the big man’s arrival – here are some stocking stuffers you can purchase for your loved ones…and erhm…yourself 😉

1. CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Tempt ($8.00)

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash ($4.00)

3. Ulta Nail Polish in Sweetheart Pink ($6.00)

4.  CoverGirl WetSlicks in Lychee Splash ($4.00)

5.  Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Candy Apple ($7.50)

6.  Physician’s Formula Happy Booster in I ❤ Nude ($9.00)

7.  Donut Lip Gloss from Target ($1.00)

8.  L’Oreal Gloss Burst in Vamplifer ($6.00)

9.  Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in Grapefruit ($3.30)

10.  Ulta Nail Polish in Starry Eye ($6.00)

I went ahead and listed them, juuuust in case you didn’t have time to read my thoughts on each item.  But of course, if you feel so compelled they are below.


CoverGirl has outdone themselves again with these luscious LipPerfection lipsticks.  As I was scanning the CoverGirl aisle in Utla today, my eyes stopped on the color “Tempt.” It was the last one left and I adored the color swatch. I quickly talked myself into swiping it up and putting into my shopping bag. The pigmentation is an absolutely stunning shade of magenta meets glamourous red and I can already imagine all the outfits that would just shine with it.

IMG_6787As a wide-eyed teenager with dreams that went as far as prom dresses and biology assignments, I also remember the seemingly downhill battle with acne.  That is until my mother did some research and found Tea Tree oil.  My skin cleared up instantly and even though I have no real need of Tea Tree oil the way I did in high school – it is an excellent oil that cleans and clears.  With its own unique smell, The Body Shop really nailed making Tea Tree Oil soft and powerful.  I intend to use it during those especially stressful weeks, or let’s face it, when a certain womanly time of the month comes and all the sudden my body goes berserk.

IMG_6775I actually picked up four different Ulta nail polishes today.  They were having a buy 2 get 2 free sale which means each polish came to be about $3.00 each.  I chose these two as the perfect stocking stuffers for one reason.  They are gorgeous! While I love the other polished I picked out, I felt these embodied how I was feeling this Christmas season – glitzy meets vintage.  Maybe it’s all The Great Gatsby talk that has been happening this year.  But these are just divine.

IMG_6747Lastly, what girl does not want a plethora of lip products? Lipsticks can bring your make up from simple to stunning and flirty.  They are just plain fun. I picked out two lip balms, a grapefruit Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and a very cheap donut lip bam from Target. The Burt’s Bees is a much needed product in a dry weather season. And the donut…well, we all need a bit of nonsense and whimsy in our lives.

Next is L’Oreal’s limited edition gloss burst.  It has a sweet smell that I can’t quite define. I’m very passionate about how fun the gloss looks!  Not to mention “Vamplifier” gives you a soft peachy look.

I’ve heard a bit of CoverGirl Wetslicks from other blogs and decided to try out Lychee Splash.  I will admit that the gloss was a bit stickier than I was hoping, but the pigmentation beat it out.  Do you remember the marshmallow pink lipstick that was popular in the early 00’s?  This is an exact duplicate with a bit more class.  I would definitely pair this when I’m wearing a busier outfit (like animal print) to give it a fun, girly, but quirky look.

Next up if Physician Formula’s Happy/Glow/Mood Booster.  In the middle of the lip balm in a heart – bah! It actually has three shades that blend together to form the best shade for you. Not to mention it is infused with Euphoryl  which mimics endorphins.  No winter time blues for you!

Of course, I’ve mentioned LipPerfection by CoverGirl…..yes!

And last but not least, Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Candy Apple.  The black and gold packaging of Milani has got to be one of my favorites! Not to mention, with HD makeup on the rise – its nice to see drugstore makeup companies coming out with their own.  They’re are many colors to choose from my personal favorite being Raspberry Blush.  Candy Apple is a bright, perky red that makes the cranberry and raspberry shades of this season cringe with jealousy.  Seriously, it’s the perfect shade to wear on NYE. It even has a hint of watermelon flavoring. Yum!

So what are your favorite beauty stocking stuffers?

ELF Haul

There’s no explanation for the lull of blogging besides being super busy. Our school semester has ended and I’ve said goodbye to eighteen six year olds, and hello to two week of  celebration and peace. 

I’ve also welcomed ELF cosmetics into my routine.  They recently had a huge sale and offered gift cards if you purchased a certain amount. Of course, I finally succumbed.IMG_6560

While I won’t go into detail today about everything that I purchased. But I did want to share everything I was able to score.

IMG_6536ELF’s mission is to provide us affordable, high quality makeup. Of course something will be lost, whether it be the quality of ingredients or pigmentation.  But so far, I have been very pleased with everything I’ve tried.

I purchased the Mineral Infused Face Primer is a duplicate for Smashbox’s Photofinish. I purchased this for $6.00 and I have found it softens my face and my makeup is much smoother.  The Studio Color Corrector is a duplicate for Bobbi Brown’s Finishing Powder. It evens out my skintone which is amazing.  I also bought the Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzer which is a duplicate for NARS Orgasm.  It is very pigmented, but I am able to achieve a nice finished contour.

IMG_6530On my way to check out, I noticed this eye shadow palette was discounted so I swept it right up.  I always wear neutral eyeshadow colors…when I do wear eyeshadow and this is absolutely perfect.

IMG_6545I was also able to land a plethora of different lipsticks. The brownish looking on is a duplicate for Lush’s lip scrub. In this cold weather it gives my lips a nice start to everyday. Not to mention they are awfully smooth and kissable. Or so my husband tells me 😉

I’m looking forward to, hopefully, getting some makeup DIY’s on here over break. But until then, enjoy this special time with those you love 🙂

Heavenly Music

With Thanksgiving today, I was looking for some beautiful music to accompany our dinner. We are young and tomorrow should be spent just enjoying each other – not that we don’t do that every day.  But a time to remember everything we have to be thankful for – a relationship that has tempered through life’s fair share of obstacles. There’s nothing greater in life than the relationships we mold. The most extraordinary of them being the bond of marriage. Tyler and I have become one in heart and purpose for our whole life and I want a day to just revel in one of the biggest blessings of my life.  Music is used to make us feel something deeper than what we sense.  The songs below do just that.

Plus who doesn’t love a little Whitney?

Loving Now



Fall break has not only provided an essential respite to gather ourselves and spend time together, but I’ve been able to explore some new beauty products! One of the things on our 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days list is to take better care of ourselves (i.e. eating choices, exercise, and body/beauty health).  I’m on the search for the best beauty products, foods, and what have you to give us the healthiest lifestyle.  The search has begun and I’ve already found some real gems. Here are some of the many things I’m loving now.

1.  Gratitude Journal – We found this delight on I’ve already written a few small entries and it’s been great to reflect on the day and pull out the best parts. On those days where I feel like I can’t be thankful for anything (and boy, do I have those days), I can merely pull out our little journal and remember all we have been blessed with.

2.  Forever Flawless Face Mask – My mother raved about this product since her trip to Las Vegas! When Tyler and I travelled to Ohio for our anniversary party, she happily gave me a quick tutorial and review and then promptly picked up her extra face mask and stuck it in my suitcase.  It is wonderfully crafted and makes my skin feel so smooth.

3.  Colossal Maybelline Regard Feline Mascara – The leopard print immediately caught my eye while I was navigating through Walmart’s beauty section.  I am so thankful it did; it perfectly matches the cat eye liner I’ve been sporting.

4 & 5 & 6 – Basis Face Wash, St. Ives Scrub, and Dead Sea Body Wash – My skin has been given the red carpet treatment this week.  As simple as these products are, my face can break out so easily due to perfumes, simple is exactly what I’ve needed.

7.  Fit Me Shine Free Foundation – I realized how pale I was when I purchased this foundation! I had to scrounge around the makeup aisle to find the last 110 porcelain shade.  Either they don’t stock this shade because no one looks like a ghost, or there are much more pale people in the world than I have noticed. No matter the reasoning, I was very happy to find it.  It leaves a powder, matte finish even though it applies like a cream. You’ll be seeing this product more 😉

8.  Yogi Positive Energy Tea – I drink about four cups daily and.I.HATE.tea.  Absolutely despise it, but for some reason, I cannot get enough of this sweet tangerine tea. I use about a teaspoon of blue agave to sweeten it and without delay, I drink it right down.  I’ve also noticed some weight loss, bonus? I think yes.

9.  Biore Strips & Bouncy Blush – There are not words to describe either one of these products.  I have used Biore strips ever since I started first putting makeup on, probably around the sweet age of thirteen. The Bouncy Blush will have its own post soon, because it was just that good.

10.  St. Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizer – Oh heaven on earth on my face.  If lavender was a boy….and I wasn’t married, I would have been swept off my feet and waiting at the alter for it.  My morning and nightly routines are something to look forward to because I know I’ll get to use it.  It leaves my face feeling anything but dry or greasy and my makeup goes on so smoothly AND stays because of it. Two thumbs way, way up.