FDS Portable Cleaning Cloths

IMG_6735While speaking about our periods is usually something saved for Girl’s Nights or complaining, we have to face the facts of how important it is to make sure our body is healthy. And as women, we have been blessed with the monthly notification that indeed our body is healthy…and fertile. P.S. I wish you could see my face write now as I type this, because it’s aca-aca-awkward.  However, I did want to spread the news about these FDS cleaning wipes.


In a day and age, and country where our water closets are not equipped with bidets its important to place a little extra something in our bags for those special days.  I mean come on, your body is preparing for another cycle which means out with the old and in with the new hahaha! These cloths have a fresh, soft smell that help regulate our pH and stop bacteria.


The packaging is discreet and feminine. Which is a must if I am going to be bringing feminine products along in my purse. As proud as I am to be a woman, I definitely don’t need to advertise it! Basically the goal of these wipes is to provide with a little extra something more that typical toilet paper won’t provide.  So as silly as it seems, your body will really thank you. There is only ONE of you and it’s important we take care of ourselves. Every inch.

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10 Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers

IMG_6793Let’s get down to it. Santa will soon be on his way to fill our stockings, leave gifts, and enjoy our homemade cookies. For those of us who are waiting (im)patiently the big man’s arrival – here are some stocking stuffers you can purchase for your loved ones…and erhm…yourself 😉

1. CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Tempt ($8.00)

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash ($4.00)

3. Ulta Nail Polish in Sweetheart Pink ($6.00)

4.  CoverGirl WetSlicks in Lychee Splash ($4.00)

5.  Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Candy Apple ($7.50)

6.  Physician’s Formula Happy Booster in I ❤ Nude ($9.00)

7.  Donut Lip Gloss from Target ($1.00)

8.  L’Oreal Gloss Burst in Vamplifer ($6.00)

9.  Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in Grapefruit ($3.30)

10.  Ulta Nail Polish in Starry Eye ($6.00)

I went ahead and listed them, juuuust in case you didn’t have time to read my thoughts on each item.  But of course, if you feel so compelled they are below.


CoverGirl has outdone themselves again with these luscious LipPerfection lipsticks.  As I was scanning the CoverGirl aisle in Utla today, my eyes stopped on the color “Tempt.” It was the last one left and I adored the color swatch. I quickly talked myself into swiping it up and putting into my shopping bag. The pigmentation is an absolutely stunning shade of magenta meets glamourous red and I can already imagine all the outfits that would just shine with it.

IMG_6787As a wide-eyed teenager with dreams that went as far as prom dresses and biology assignments, I also remember the seemingly downhill battle with acne.  That is until my mother did some research and found Tea Tree oil.  My skin cleared up instantly and even though I have no real need of Tea Tree oil the way I did in high school – it is an excellent oil that cleans and clears.  With its own unique smell, The Body Shop really nailed making Tea Tree Oil soft and powerful.  I intend to use it during those especially stressful weeks, or let’s face it, when a certain womanly time of the month comes and all the sudden my body goes berserk.

IMG_6775I actually picked up four different Ulta nail polishes today.  They were having a buy 2 get 2 free sale which means each polish came to be about $3.00 each.  I chose these two as the perfect stocking stuffers for one reason.  They are gorgeous! While I love the other polished I picked out, I felt these embodied how I was feeling this Christmas season – glitzy meets vintage.  Maybe it’s all The Great Gatsby talk that has been happening this year.  But these are just divine.

IMG_6747Lastly, what girl does not want a plethora of lip products? Lipsticks can bring your make up from simple to stunning and flirty.  They are just plain fun. I picked out two lip balms, a grapefruit Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and a very cheap donut lip bam from Target. The Burt’s Bees is a much needed product in a dry weather season. And the donut…well, we all need a bit of nonsense and whimsy in our lives.

Next is L’Oreal’s limited edition gloss burst.  It has a sweet smell that I can’t quite define. I’m very passionate about how fun the gloss looks!  Not to mention “Vamplifier” gives you a soft peachy look.

I’ve heard a bit of CoverGirl Wetslicks from other blogs and decided to try out Lychee Splash.  I will admit that the gloss was a bit stickier than I was hoping, but the pigmentation beat it out.  Do you remember the marshmallow pink lipstick that was popular in the early 00’s?  This is an exact duplicate with a bit more class.  I would definitely pair this when I’m wearing a busier outfit (like animal print) to give it a fun, girly, but quirky look.

Next up if Physician Formula’s Happy/Glow/Mood Booster.  In the middle of the lip balm in a heart – bah! It actually has three shades that blend together to form the best shade for you. Not to mention it is infused with Euphoryl  which mimics endorphins.  No winter time blues for you!

Of course, I’ve mentioned LipPerfection by CoverGirl…..yes!

And last but not least, Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Candy Apple.  The black and gold packaging of Milani has got to be one of my favorites! Not to mention, with HD makeup on the rise – its nice to see drugstore makeup companies coming out with their own.  They’re are many colors to choose from my personal favorite being Raspberry Blush.  Candy Apple is a bright, perky red that makes the cranberry and raspberry shades of this season cringe with jealousy.  Seriously, it’s the perfect shade to wear on NYE. It even has a hint of watermelon flavoring. Yum!

So what are your favorite beauty stocking stuffers?

Studio Gear: Holiday Smokey Eye Palette

IMG_6211Decadent is the word that comes to mind when I think about the Holiday Palette by Studio Gear that I recently received in the mail.  It’s a four eyeshadow and blush compact that can create a sultry smokey eye.  The four eyeshadows compliment each other, providing shades of gray and a pop of gold.  The blush is sweet, fresh, and subtle. A perfect set for the holiday season.

IMG_6207The compact is contained in a festive, bokeh sleeve providing an extra notch of security.  When you open it up, you are greeted by four glimmery eyeshadows, a pigment-rich blush, and easy to follow directions on how to get the most our of your palette.  I gasped a little and then did a happy dance the moment I lifted the makeup’s plastic protector. I’m not an eyeshadow gal, but I instantly adored this palette! It puts everything I love about Christmas into an eyeshadow…well four!

IMG_6195Let me explain why I’m not an “eyeshadow gal.” Most of the time my eyes end up resembling a sexy black eye. Like I got punched in the face with beauty products. So most of the time I steer clear of eyeshadow and hope my eyeliner and mascara will do the trick. All that being said, I’m sure you can guess how thrilled I was to find directions on how to put the eyeshadow on.

IMG_6204The directions were precise and the diagram gave a lot of insight – especially for us visual learners.  I do wish I had the specific brushes they were talking about, but found that my brush collection was sufficient to apply the eyeshadow properly.  Seven easy steps for a dramatic eye? I’ll take it.  I’m not going to lie, I definitely felt very feminine and beautiful when I was finished. It was a look I would mainly wear during the evening, but could easily change it to make it day appropriate.

IMG_6210As mentioned, there are four eyeshadows. The lightest shade, frost,  is a soft metallic shade used as a base, in the corner of your eyes, and along the bottom lash for a bright-eyed look. If snowflakes could be eyeshadow, this would be it. Next is platinum, which is a darker, shimmery silver.  It can be applied on the lid on top of the frost. I didn’t use platinum, but opted for coal for a more dramatic look.  Coal is a deep gray and creates depth.  I used coal along my lid, swiped it up to create a small cat eye, and continued it into my crease.  Not wanting platinum to feel left out, I applied it on top of the coal in the middle of my lid. Applying it this way highlighted the transition of light to dark. Lastly for my eyes, I highlighted my brow bone, center of my nose, and cupid’s bow with Glimmer. Glimmer is  the beautiful gold shade you see above. It’s subtle, but created a much needed highlight amongst dramatic colors.

After I finished my eyes, I picked up Snowy Glow on my blush brush and applied it to the apples of my cheeks.  Don’t be fooled friends, this blush is not as sheer as it appears. I almost looked like I was going to an 80’s prom.  Luckily it blends magnificently and I was left with a peachy-gold hue begging for some mistletoe and egg nog. 

PicMonkey Collagestudiogear As a fool when it comes to eye shadow, I was really pleased with how easy the directions were to follow and the results that followed. I used a simple pink lip butter to keep the focus on my eyes. Since today is the first day we have off for Thanksgiving break, we haven’t done much but cook up a storm. So while I didn’t get to strut my stuff out with my husband, it was nice to feel pretty working around the house.

You can find this amazing palette here. It typically sells for $40.00, but is currently at a special price at $25.00.  Get a 10% discount by using the code SGHOLIDAY and make sure you write me a thank you when you receive yours 😉 Just kidding, but seriously. I love mail.

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Review: Becca The One Perfecting Brush

IMG_5890Multitasking is a true art form and the Becca One Perfecting Brush makes it easy.  Ten brushes in every girls’ collection  become obsolete the moment you pick up your One Perfecting brush.  One of the most amazing things about the brush is that it can be used with primers, cremes, powders, and liquids.  I’m waiting for my brush to start mopping the floor and making me dinner.

As it’s called the “chameleon” of brushes, it definitely is able to do all a “foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, bronzer brush, stipple brush, blush brush, fan brush, kabuki, and sponge” can do and more.  The first moment I swept it up to feel the silky soft bristles, I was skeptical that such a square brush would be able to give me the airbrushed, seamless quality it promised.  I found myself to be wrong when I used it for the first time today. The bristles are packed into a horizontal design for a very specific purpose – it allows you to sweep vertically and horizontally for contouring AND full coverage and dot the apples of your cheeks with blush.

Not only is the design practical, but Becca has used the finest materials for their consumers.  The bristles are non-porus and made from goat hair. I found that I used less product than I typically would with sponges, brushes, or my fingers. Also, my product didn’t settle into the brush which meant I was using all the product on the brush and was able to transfer to another product without having to clean or wipe the brush down.  Brill!

IMG_5903During my makeup routine this morning, I applied moisturizer with my fingers, but used the Becca brush for all other products: BB cream, foundation, concealer, and powder.  The reason I put my makeup onto a mixing plate was so I could use the full range of the brush (as well as to help me contour).  Some of my face makeup comes in a delicate, small glass jar which would have been difficult to reach with the brush’s shape.  That’s been the only downside I have found with using The One Perfecting Brush.  Others have mentioned the bristles fall out while applying makeup, but that has not occurred for me.  Using this brush means you will have to clean it more often (probably once a week), but who can argue with having to take care of one perfect brush instead of ten?

IMG_5899I am truly in awe of this product. I was able to contour my face beautifully and I received full coverage with less product.  This video gives consumers a better idea of what the Becca brush does compared to sponges and fingers! I love it. If you are interested in purchasing the Becca One Perfecting Brush you can go to http://bit.ly/H1H3l6.  This will link you directly to Sephora’s website. Becca also offers amazing brush cleaning soap which is a perfect buy along side your new brush!

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Review: Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter

Tis the season for lavish and lusciousness. Whether its the rich hot chocolate drank by the warm fire or the copious amounts of handmade gifts sitting under the Christmas tree, winter time is quickly approaching and I have open arms. One of my best friends from college, Amy, can tell you that I am more than a winter/Christmas aficionado. More than once was I asked to pipe down “This Christmas” in my dorm room because people were trying to study ha!

Let’s get down to it – Christmas is the bee’s knees for more reasons than Amy and I can explain. Heck, I should probably just devote a whole blog to it. BUT there is another reason I LOVE Christmas – because it is significant to Tyler and I.  It’s around this time, sigh, we fell in love. Our first date was to a wedding on his birthday, and afterwards we went for a walk in the park to see the Christmas lights.  Sadly, it was sooooo late they were all turned off, but I knew in that moment I was going to marry that man.  I had been dying to admire Christmas lights with someone special, and here we were spending that time together on our first date. God’s sense of humor shined through that night.

With winter’s magic comes the desire to just pamper yourself. I mean really!  Just buy that $80.00 deep sea moisturizer and pearl earrings you’ve been dying to have while you are bundled up in a scarf with someone special.  Maybe its all the bows, music, smiles, and beautiful homey fragrances, but I just can’t get enough. Sadly, its also during this time our skin decides to go haywire dry 😦 I had been looking into some different body butters because, trust me, that need for pampering was strong and as the world would have it, www.ifabbo.com had a beautiful Imperial Honey Body Butter just for me to try.

Ooooh baby, honey and butter – two things that are always in a Southern houshold’s pantry. Perlier created this holy grail body butter.  They are a company in Italy that specializes in research-based products and they even own 150 acres of land where they grow their own ingredients free of chemicals. How amazing?! They have a whole line of honey products and once I get through describing their Honey Body Butter – you will want them all!

IMG_5488Perlier is serious business when it comes to making the best products for your skin – and who can blame them?  The simple ivory and gold tub arrived in the mail quickly, and thank goodness because anticipation of packages is killer.  Opening it up, I realized how beautiful and “winter-esque” the packaging was.  Ivory and gold are full of whimsy during this time.

IMG_5509Opening up the tub you are greeted by a thick body butter perfect for hydration during a season of dry and cold.  Not only did the thickness catch my eye, but the scent was a dream.  I mean seriously to die for.  It smelled nourishing, if that even makes sense.  With a hint of honey and what seems to be a lovely reminder of my grandmother’s chocolate fudge, this body butter was a bullseye.

IMG_5470I have been using it every night and morning when I shower to help nourish and replenish my skin after a hot shower. I know, I know, but hot showers feel so good, especially after long days.  My skin wakes up fully hydrated, prepared for a day of chill and I smell like heaven! I am seriously in a wonderful tizzy about this product. Go and buy it now is really what I want to scream at you! It’s perfect.

IMG_5473If you would like to have your own Imperial Honey Body Butter, please go to http://bit.ly/GT2CdC.  It is completely worth it and more! Why not just pamper yourself 😉  Oh, and while you’re at it use the discount code below for $5.00 off your purchase.

discount code: iFabbo5


Review: BA STAR Holiday Lip Pencil

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to try out a sample from BA STAR.  Let me tell you a little bit about the company first.  BA STAR develops high-drama makeup used for cheerleaders, dance competitions, and those of us who love to be more than just a wallflower.  A lot of their makeup is created with the intent to last through performances, warm-ups, and routines.  Which may I say is perfect for teachers as well?  I need my makeup to last through conferences, meetings, tantrums, and recess with no need to reapply. I warmly welcomed the BA STAR samples into my makeup drawer.  Not only does BA STAR have makeup, but they also have stickers, duffle bags, and offer team discounts/pricing!

My cheerleading career ended when I graduated high school, a whopping 5 years ago, but once you put on the glitter and pep – you never fully take it off 😉  While I traded my pom poms for chalk,  I still love the ambition and ambiance cheerleading brings, especially their makeup products!  I was captivated by the preppy holiday red lip pencil I received from BA STAR.  I mean come on’ who is not singing ‘Deck The Halls’ right now?

IMG_5550I haven’t used a lip pencil like this one in quite sometime.  Actually, when I think about it, probably not since high school.  I don’t recall why I stopped purchasing them, but my passion has been reignited.  Before I talk about the wonders of this belle, let me simply state I LOVE red lipstick.  I could wear it every second of every day. If I didn’t love planting one on my husband every now and then, I would only be seen in red lipstick.  However, I like to keep my lip color on on my lips and not my husbands – ha!

BA STAR definitely created a gem with this lip pencil.  The color applies with precision like a lip liner, but glides across your lips like a lipstick. Thank goodness for no stickiness.  I did not have to take a q-tip to the rim of my mouth, either, to make sure I wasn’t looking like Bozo. Perfect!  Not only does the product apply well, but it stays.  I first applied the lip pencil in the morning once I had moisturized my lips and was still sporting some holiday spirit into the late afternoon.  It definitely wasn’t the bright, pigmented red like earlier on, but I didn’t feel the need to reapply, it still looked that good.:)

IMG_5466The BA STAR lip pencils come in four classic colors: Holiday Red, Cranberry, Passion Pink, and Bronze. This might seem slightly limited, but they are absolutely gorgeous shades and definitely appeal to those who need long lasting, strong colored makeup.  You can purchase these here.  Make sure you use the code below for 50% off, friends 🙂

discount code: BBLIPS

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Review: St. Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizer

IMG_4923I swiped this baby up in three seconds as soon as I saw the packaging, only to get home and realize I was utterly mistaken.  I had been looking for a calming, sensitive moisturizer since we’ve dived fully into autumnal weather and my skin is always depleted of  moisture and softness during this time.  I tend to gravitate towards anything with a hint of lavender and automatically assumed the purple and green label meant lavender ha!  I only spent $5.00 on it, not a fortune by any means, but I hate tossing aside a perfectly good product just because it wasn’t what I thought it was.  So I gave it a try.

St. Ives Timeless Skin uses safflower seed oil as it’s “hook” product to lure you in.  For those of you who might not know, safflower seed oil contains essential fatty acids to not only deeply clean our skin, but to give us that oh-so desired glowing look.  It is also supposed to help your skin maintain its elasticity and integrity so often found in youth.  I first perceived this product as something I wouldn’t buy until our children were in college, but the more I thought about it, why not start protecting my skin from wrinkles now?  I’ve always told Tyler when we grow old, I want a lot of wrinkles, to show I REALLY lived my life.  But there is a difference between a life well-lived and not taking care of yourself;).  So even though I’m using a moisturizer to help with wrinkles, I’m ready to sport my well-earned wrinkles when the time comes.

Typically I use this product after I have washed my face.  I take off my makeup with sensitive facial wipes from Johnson & Johnson, essentially so the first layer of makeup, grime, and whatever else I might have accumulated is eliminated .  Then, I gather a dime size of Basis Cleaner Clean (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff), rub my hands together until it becomes frothy, and wash away any other makeup or dirt. I have found using cold water at night not only tightens my pores, but it refreshes my spirit.

IMG_4924 As a teacher, there are days where I could easily snooze at 6:00 PM and not be ready to wake up for the next twelve hours.  When I get home, I want to take off the wear of that day and renew myself. I love my children; I love seeing the spark when they are applying concepts and teaching  their peers, but teaching is certainly a ministry.  You give of yourself everyday, with no anticipation there will be kindness returned (even though it is)! That’s why I’m such an advocate of taking care of yourself after the work day.  Your body needs to feel loved, because that love sinks into your soul and your mindset for the next day.  So get on it, dear readers! Wash those faces with cold water so you can love more;).

After I’ve cleaned my face and its feeling lavish, I massage St. Ives Timeless Skin into my hands, take a little bit more and massage it into my face, neck, and chest.  Sometimes I don’t stop at the chest and just keep going, crazy! I love the simplicity St. Ives affords, while going above and beyond what I think it would accomplish.  Every morning my face is a little bit smoother and softer.  The moisture St. Ives allots is enough for me for the whole day, which is saying a lot since I brave recess outside and the strange cold/hot conditions the South provides.  My face never feels greasy or heavy like I’ve experienced with other moisturizers, which is also a big bonus. And just look at how full my container still is, just like a Mary Poppin’s bag.

IMG_4900If you are looking for an affordable way to care for your skin and provide it with what it needs most during this cold weather, I would highly suggest St. Ives.  If you are looking for something to increase your skins elasticity and provide necessary hydration, give it a go.  However, I would lean towards the side of caution when using this product, only because it does contain Safflower Seed Oil.  We have to remember that we are each a unique masterpiece, and certain oils may not work with our body chemistry.  When it comes down to it, you have to find what is best for you, but I believe St. Ives is a great place to start.

Review: Diamond Infused Enhanced Facial Peel

IMG_4901Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so a diamond infused facial peel has to be her like bffe (best friend for eternity), hmm? My mother picked this up during her trip to Las Vegas to visit her best friend and her daughter – who just so happens to be one of my oldest friends! Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m going to share the world one of your secrets.  I hope you don’t mind.  My mom LOVES those little kiosks in the mall that sell the dead sea or hair straightening products. The ones with the really good smelling men, with crazy foreign accents, who just might be a little too pretty for their own good.  Perhaps I’m over-shooting with the word love here, but she always seems to walk away with some pretty good deals and an overabundance of products she is willing to share.

Her trip to Las Vegas proved to be a bountiful one!  I remember her showing me the dresses from Forever21 she bought for me, a nail stencil kit, and this facial peel from Forever Flawless.  Forever Flawless is a company born in Las Vegas, although I believe you can become a distributor.  I would have to do more research to see what exactly that means, but it seems Forever Flawless is a prominent business unique to Las Vegas.  Their business strives to give your skin the pure perfection we often associate with diamonds.  Although a small container of this stuff usually goes from about $180.00, I know my mom, the queen of deals, walked away with more bang for her buck.

There hasn’t been many clinical studies on Forever Flawless and their use of diamond dust in their products, but just using the product for the first time made me feel like a princess! It was probably for the fact I could say I rubbed diamonds all over myself, but I was very pleased with the way it  my makeup and dead skin (yucky, but oh-so-refreshing).  IMG_4903I want to stop and talk about the beautiful packaging it came in.  If you are married, are you reminiscing about your husband opening up your engagement ring box? Because I totally am.  This gem, quite literally, came in a beautiful box, opened up like a jewelry box, AND was sitting upon silky material.  Tyler knew I was going to marry him and I knew he was going to marry me, so when he proposed, I lacked the dramatic YES! and the screaming.  However, when I opened the diamond infused peel, I’m pretty sure my dramatic little pores were screaming YES!  When you open up the container, you will find an orange-gel like substance that sparkles.IMG_4911All you need to do is wet your face a little, apply a quarter size amount to your hands and rub it into your face.  Automatically you will begin to slough off all the dead skin that has been hindering your beautiful complexion. I didn’t visibly notice a difference in my face, but it felt healthier.  The kind of healthier you feel after a nice long shower when you’ve had the perfect sleep.  And maybe a gorgeously scented candle with a cup of hot tea. You just feel clean and fresh and ready for the day.  I only indulge in this face mask when my skin needs a little TLC and my spirit needs a little pampering as well.  So, I can honestly say I don’t know what the mask would do for my skin if I used it on a more frequent basis.  If I had to guess, I would say it would do wonders if implemented into a regular routine, simply based on what it does for my skin already.

While the price is less than ideal, at a whopping $180.00 per 1.76 oz.  Amazon does sell it for about half of that at $89.00, which seems much more reasonable to me, but would still consider it a major indulgence.  If you’re looking for a product fit for queen, I would highly recommend Forever Flawless, but if your budget leaves you with a little more to be desired, I’m sure there are products out there that would provide the same fresh cleanliness at a more welcoming price.

What are your beauty indulgences?


Review: Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick

IMG_4915Growing up with finicky skin has left me feeling blue when it comes to finding the right concealers and foundations.  Often times I discover they are too heavy or leave my skin dry. Hello, makeup companies! Your products are supposed to be hiding my flaws, not making more of them.  I have bounced around between Rimmel, Covergirl, L’Oreal, and Maybelline when it comes to cover-ups looking for one that makes my skin say “ahhh, there you are my sweatpea, please lets never part ways!”

When I first tried Covergirl’s Whipped Creme in 305 (about $7.00 at Walmart), I was astonished at the clean, almost airbrushed quality it gave my skin.  Oh those big pores and bags floated away, but I still looked natural.  That’s very important to me. A natural look.  Needless to say, it has become a staple in my routine, usually worn over it’s sister CG Smoother BB Cream with a dusting of Physician’s Formula powder.

Wanting to broaden my foundation horizons, I started researching foundations that blend to your skin tone.  I want to look like a better me when I apply makeup, not a Barbie.  Fit Me Foundation was the first hit I got when I searched “no oil foundation, blends, natural, matte.”  Excited to have potentially found something that met EVERY requirement I have of my foundation, I wrote it down on my beauty shopping list to pick up.

Fit Me Foundation is unique all around. It comes in a small tube that reminds me of those chunky glittersticks we all had in middle school.  Yes, when we would apply just a dab of glitter under our eyes right onto our cheeks, I have no clue what we were trying to accomplish here or why in the world was this a brilliant idea to all of us? My mother, a quirky woman like me, let me beat to the sound of my own drum and I did try every trend, classic or not.  Experiencing makeup faux-pas has lead to me to establishing a more….simple and natural style, with a pop of bright color.  The gel-stick has a lightweight outside with a powder core finish.  The purpose is to apply color while clearing away any excess oils, leaving your skin with a perfect matte finish.

At first, the foundation didn’t live up to all I dreamed it would be.  It went on way too heavy, leaving my face feeling dry and cakey.  My pores seemed more prominent and I didn’t get the coverage I needed in the places I wanted it.  However, I finished up applying my face powder, eyeliner, and mascara keeping my foundation on, hoping something magical would take a turn for the better.  And voila!  After I had finished my routine, my foundation looked flawless, lightweight, and matte – perfectly blended. The redness that frequently occurs in my face around my nose and eyebrows was a dreamy type of skin tone and I no longer felt cakey.  Fit Me Foundation stick is the first go for Maybelline at a Gel Stick Foundation with an Anti-Powder Core; I think they have a great start on a new, unique product, but I do hope they tweak the formula a little bit for more, instant coverage.

IMG_4938Other reviews have stated after multiple uses, their skin began to breakout, but they enjoyed how well it blended into their skin and decreased and controlled oil.  Am I in love with it? It definitely didn’t sweep me off my feet like CG Whipped Creme, but I’m willing to go on a second date.

Review: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush


When Maybelline’s advertising directors decided to describe their new blush as as the freshest flush ever and a  revolutionary gel formula that provides a new bouncy texture, they could not have been more spot on.

Before I review, let me tell you a little story. As a beaming senior visiting prospective schools, I took route to visit Baldwin-Wallace.  Baldwin-Wallace, a small school, is located in Northern Ohio and was one of the 2,347 (I may be rounding up, slightly) schools I had the privilege to receive a tour.  The only thing I remember about my time there is my tour guide, a very bubbly junior with the most perfect pink blush.  It was already cold and snowy there, and she was bundled up in her Uggs and scarf. Interjection: I’m realizing, now, how creepy it is that I probably stared at her flawless rosey blush for the entire expanse of the tour, but she looked like she had just walked out of a Lifetime Christmas Movie with the most magical, winter makeup.  Since that day, I have explored many blushes trying to achieve the same look on the apples of my cheeks. I am proud to say that I have to look no further!


I picked up a darling blush in Freshest Pink (05), yesterday for about $7.00 at Walmart.  In order to apply the blush, take your thumb, press down onto the blush pad, and gather enough product to swipe on the apples of your cheeks.  If you are looking for a deeper color, the blush intensifies nicely when you layer the product. When I first tried it, the freshest pink appeared sheer at first, but once I applied the second layer a nice rosiness had developed.

I am very particular about my facial products because I quickly break out. Texture, perfume, and the percentage of humidity (I swear!) can affect my skin, but this blush was a dream to put on and I have not experienced any negatives! Even though the blush is a cream, as soon as you put it on it transforms into a powder and lasts all day! There you have it! The creme de la creme of blushes.  I will admit, $7.00 is a bit steeper than what I usually pay for such a small amount of makeup, but when you find something you love AND works, its justifiable, right?

So lovelies, do you have any insights? What beautiful blushes are you drawn to?