Walnut Cranberry Butter Recipe

When I found the perfect recipe for our Thanksgiving rolls, I wanted to created a jam, butter, or something to go with them.  Racking my brain to find something creative and fun, I fell across the idea of walnut cranberry butter.  The best part about the holiday season is I feel like I’m brimming with ideas and recipes and just ache to try them out. This butter was no different.

We decided to prep some of our sides and desserts today to freeze or let the ingredients “marry.” Last year I attempted my first Thanksgiving dinner and was so sapped before we even ate! I wanted to enjoy spending time with Tyler and our pups – crafting and watching football and whatever else the day might bring.  By the way, who is going out shopping on Thanksgiving? I’m leaning towards the no zone, but maybe there are possible pros?

IMG_60321This butter is so simple, but will definitely glitz and glam up the dinner table – not to mention your bread.


1 cup of butter

1 cup of cranberries

2 tablespoons of honey

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

3 tablespoons of walnuts

A hit of vanilla

IMG_6054Chop the walnuts and cranberries. IMG_6065Pour all of the ingredients into the mixer and mix until the butter has turned pink and all ingredients are blended.  About five minutes.


We have put ours into the refrigerator for now to allow the ingredients to really meld together. I’m not going to be shy – I may have licked the spatula just to see what this concoction brought – and I was thrilled.  The perfect tartness and crunch with a shimmer of sweetness. Can’t wait to say hello to this bad boy again when it’s on our table.