ELF Haul

There’s no explanation for the lull of blogging besides being super busy. Our school semester has ended and I’ve said goodbye to eighteen six year olds, and hello to two week of  celebration and peace. 

I’ve also welcomed ELF cosmetics into my routine.  They recently had a huge sale and offered gift cards if you purchased a certain amount. Of course, I finally succumbed.IMG_6560

While I won’t go into detail today about everything that I purchased. But I did want to share everything I was able to score.

IMG_6536ELF’s mission is to provide us affordable, high quality makeup. Of course something will be lost, whether it be the quality of ingredients or pigmentation.  But so far, I have been very pleased with everything I’ve tried.

I purchased the Mineral Infused Face Primer is a duplicate for Smashbox’s Photofinish. I purchased this for $6.00 and I have found it softens my face and my makeup is much smoother.  The Studio Color Corrector is a duplicate for Bobbi Brown’s Finishing Powder. It evens out my skintone which is amazing.  I also bought the Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzer which is a duplicate for NARS Orgasm.  It is very pigmented, but I am able to achieve a nice finished contour.

IMG_6530On my way to check out, I noticed this eye shadow palette was discounted so I swept it right up.  I always wear neutral eyeshadow colors…when I do wear eyeshadow and this is absolutely perfect.

IMG_6545I was also able to land a plethora of different lipsticks. The brownish looking on is a duplicate for Lush’s lip scrub. In this cold weather it gives my lips a nice start to everyday. Not to mention they are awfully smooth and kissable. Or so my husband tells me 😉

I’m looking forward to, hopefully, getting some makeup DIY’s on here over break. But until then, enjoy this special time with those you love 🙂