Review: Diamond Infused Enhanced Facial Peel

IMG_4901Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so a diamond infused facial peel has to be her like bffe (best friend for eternity), hmm? My mother picked this up during her trip to Las Vegas to visit her best friend and her daughter – who just so happens to be one of my oldest friends! Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m going to share the world one of your secrets.  I hope you don’t mind.  My mom LOVES those little kiosks in the mall that sell the dead sea or hair straightening products. The ones with the really good smelling men, with crazy foreign accents, who just might be a little too pretty for their own good.  Perhaps I’m over-shooting with the word love here, but she always seems to walk away with some pretty good deals and an overabundance of products she is willing to share.

Her trip to Las Vegas proved to be a bountiful one!  I remember her showing me the dresses from Forever21 she bought for me, a nail stencil kit, and this facial peel from Forever Flawless.  Forever Flawless is a company born in Las Vegas, although I believe you can become a distributor.  I would have to do more research to see what exactly that means, but it seems Forever Flawless is a prominent business unique to Las Vegas.  Their business strives to give your skin the pure perfection we often associate with diamonds.  Although a small container of this stuff usually goes from about $180.00, I know my mom, the queen of deals, walked away with more bang for her buck.

There hasn’t been many clinical studies on Forever Flawless and their use of diamond dust in their products, but just using the product for the first time made me feel like a princess! It was probably for the fact I could say I rubbed diamonds all over myself, but I was very pleased with the way it  my makeup and dead skin (yucky, but oh-so-refreshing).  IMG_4903I want to stop and talk about the beautiful packaging it came in.  If you are married, are you reminiscing about your husband opening up your engagement ring box? Because I totally am.  This gem, quite literally, came in a beautiful box, opened up like a jewelry box, AND was sitting upon silky material.  Tyler knew I was going to marry him and I knew he was going to marry me, so when he proposed, I lacked the dramatic YES! and the screaming.  However, when I opened the diamond infused peel, I’m pretty sure my dramatic little pores were screaming YES!  When you open up the container, you will find an orange-gel like substance that sparkles.IMG_4911All you need to do is wet your face a little, apply a quarter size amount to your hands and rub it into your face.  Automatically you will begin to slough off all the dead skin that has been hindering your beautiful complexion. I didn’t visibly notice a difference in my face, but it felt healthier.  The kind of healthier you feel after a nice long shower when you’ve had the perfect sleep.  And maybe a gorgeously scented candle with a cup of hot tea. You just feel clean and fresh and ready for the day.  I only indulge in this face mask when my skin needs a little TLC and my spirit needs a little pampering as well.  So, I can honestly say I don’t know what the mask would do for my skin if I used it on a more frequent basis.  If I had to guess, I would say it would do wonders if implemented into a regular routine, simply based on what it does for my skin already.

While the price is less than ideal, at a whopping $180.00 per 1.76 oz.  Amazon does sell it for about half of that at $89.00, which seems much more reasonable to me, but would still consider it a major indulgence.  If you’re looking for a product fit for queen, I would highly recommend Forever Flawless, but if your budget leaves you with a little more to be desired, I’m sure there are products out there that would provide the same fresh cleanliness at a more welcoming price.

What are your beauty indulgences?