2014 Wedding Trends




Welcome! We’re so excited to be able to start this blog and the great things With Love Paper Goods has in it’s future.  Of course, we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do – without you! That’s why we’ve chosen to make a little niche, just for you.  Here, we will feature different trends in the wedding and baby world.  Tips from planning to printing are relished and we’re overjoyed to share all we can to make YOUR day bright and blissful.
So let’s start out with some GORGEOUS pictures that are being swept up by storm for 2014 weddings.  We hope you took a look at the picture above.  With great persuasion from the 1920’s, we will start seeing attention to sparkles, rose gold, and art deco fonts.  Um, hello?! How perfect?  Even F. Scott Fitzgerald would have been in heaven in one of these weddings. And some trends are bound to continue from 2013.  Full, beatific bouquets overwhelmed with peonies, ranunculus, roses and succulents. Lace, burlap, kraft paper, and baby’s breath making its way into every wedding decoration possible.  And of course the beautifully rustic cakes – lemon, strawberry, cheesecake – we could go on.

It seems to us that weddings are about combining opposites into something gorgeous.  And when you think of it, it seems to fit so perfectly.  You’ve met the love of your life and there’s a fat chance that you balance each other extremely well.  Sort of like combining shimmering and elegant tablecloths in a barn. Right?

We’re also guessing that bright and bold colors will come to the forefront as themed colors instead of the hush mints and peaches we’ve been used to.  In our opinion, floral and stripes NEVER go out of style, but I bet we will begin to see their appearance on the rise in tablecloths, and dare we say it, bridesmaid dresses.  And our favorite trend, out of all trends comprehensible, is adding super glam to your day with chandeliers.  Outside.  Inside.  In the bathroom.  We don’t care.  They’re fabulous.  Just like you.  And don’t forget that amidst all the choices, trends, and personalities.  It’s your day –  you don’t need to follow every trend to make it just that. It’s a day where your love shines in everything.  And that’s what truly makes it fabulous.

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