Hanging Plate Wall DIY

Flipping through a Country Living magazine a few years ago, a certain image caught my eye.  My heart ooo-ed and ahhh-ed as my brain shouted “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!”  Immediately, I headed off to Goodwill with nothing more than the desire to find some beautiful china to hang in our very-distant-future home.

word-plates-on-wall-country-livingI came back, so proud, with a beautiful stack of china – only to realize I would have to pull it out of a box to admire it……and that I could potentially be making our home look like it needed some mothballs, frozen dinners, and an 80 year-old living in it. So packed away it went untilllllllllll we got hitched.  We eloped to Paris, TN on June 9 – just like we planned to do on our first non-date-date (no sweat, dear reader I will be overjoyed to share our love story with you, if you want ;)). We had a small get-together with friends and family to celebrate and used the china for the various foods and desserts.  I thought to myself, I am definitely using this china now.  What a beautiful way to remember the very first moments we had as husband and wife, than by hanging the china we used to serve the people closest to us.

The DIY projects we have conquered so far have been easy as pie.  They have taken very little time AND money – and I love the way they look.  Tyler always teases me saying I want a little bit of every style, and its true! There isn’t a label for my style (unless you count indie-grandma-chic a style).  I simply purchase items that make me feel happy.

What we did to complete our china quote wall:

1. I chose a quote I wanted to have on the plates.  Since “Just Do It” has been our mantra since our first New Year’s resolutions together it seemed fitting that we wrote that.  We took an Elmer’s paint pen and carefully illustrated the quote.IMG_4876

2.  Take Gorilla Glue, $8.00, at Lowes and sawtooth picture hangers, $3.50, also at Lowes.  Wet both the back of the plate and the picture hanger, dab on a little of glue and wait 2 hours for the glue to dry.  You will have to wait a full 24 hours for it to completely cure.IMG_4880

3.  Gorilla glue activates with moisture.  If its put on excessively, it will foam up/expand too much and you won’t be able to hang up your plate, so be careful!

4.  Begin to layout and hang up your plates!chinaplatediy

Look below for some great inspiration. (All of these photos can be found on pinterest)

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